Sunday, April 26, 2015

Grey Hair

I didn't weigh myself this morning, because I ended up getting quite drunk last night and then when buying more wine I got a large bag or crisps and a bar of chocolate. So I definitely sky rocketed over my calorie allowance for the day. Great. ANYWAY, but then today I slept until literally 6pm and went to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in Shoreditch (the home of the famous elusive London artist, Banksy). It was amazing, they have 11 cats and all kinds of toys and cat trees. A cat haven if ever there was one. So today has really been a waste of a day, because I was so hungover and I didn't get any studying done. The good news is that I've only eaten once today and that was at Lady Dinah's. I had a salted caramel latte which I asked for skinny, but I doubt it was so maybe 250 cals, a few bites of red velvet cake (maybe 150?) and a cheese and ham bagel (450?) so 850 for the day. Not bad on a hangover. I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning and hopefully it should be under 70. I just don't want to have gained after the disaster last night. But it wasn't a ton of food... so I'm hopeful. 

Anyhoo - I want to dye my hair darkish grey... which will hopefully be a semi permanent colour thing. What do you guys think? 

Tomorrow, I'm going to go to gym in the morning and then to boots to see if I can find a grey hair dye (somewhere?) and then I'm going to study. Hoping to get at least 6 hours in. Wish me luck :)

Headaches & Nausea 
Xo Xo


Mandy Devoidde said...

Oh my god I wish there was a kitty haven near me too, that would turn in to my new Saturday plan every week *-*

I miss my kitty...

I don't know what you look like so it's hard for me to say but I do know that grey hair can be REALLY attractive. I'm sure you will look really hot :D

Take care sweetheart, feel better
Mandy xx

Bella said...

I think I need to put a cat cafe on my bucket list for 2015. It sounds like so much fun!
LOVE grey hair! You'll have to share a pic. I know the lovely CP had/has grey hair for a while, maybe ask her about dyes?