Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dyou Think They've Moved On?

I was just thinking... you know how I've been blogging recently about the fact that I want new blogs and how so many before us have disappeared - the thought occurred to me that maybe they have moved on... i.e. the people that four years ago would have been the core of the online ED community.. I mean there have been enough documentaries and warnings about how this blogging online blah blah is so dangerous - if we think about it, it's primarily a lot of teenagers who used to be online, we've all grown up now mostly. (I say this particularly thinking of my darling Sammy, who is now 19!!) I mean, maybe we are just the old fogies of the blogging community. Still talking about our ED's online. How novel... or how very 2012!

Just a thought. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Eve said...

I'm one of the old fogies still blogging. :P I moved on from ED stuff to more creative writing. Still fun to write. :)

TheBurningBridges Brigade said...

I used to have a moderately popular ED related blog but then since I was forced into treatment I decided to delete it. And now that I've come crawling back to the community I too noticed how most of the people have disappeared. I venture to say they have moved on with their lives or else have found a better domain like tumblr. There is a really big pro-ED community over there but its mostly young teenaged girls who are doing the "this is just a diet" thing or who really don't know anything about EDs and are just getting sucked in. Anyway, I'm hoping that those who were in the community are now ok and doing well. =/

Ruby Tuesday said...

If you are an old dogie FP
Then I am most definitely a geriatric!
Blogging 3 years now
And so many bloggers have vanished in yo thin air
I've written many posts about this
The odd time one of them will contact me
But for the most part it's just silence
That's why we need to preserve the community that we have
Blogger seems to have fallen out of fashion
I started a coue of blogs over on Wordpress
But I always come back to my little corner here on blogger
But I am always on the look out for new and interesting blogs

Love and inspiration x

Ruby Tuesday said...

Old dogie?
Old fogie I meant!
Silly auto correct x

Mandy Devoidde said...

I had an ED blog 3 years ago which I shut down after running it for about that long, after deciding to try and recover and losing anything of interest to say.
This time around (cos I never can seem to stay away, writing is too therapeutic to me) I've been looking for the people I used to follow and I've only found a handful (though the ones I remember the most are still there - You, Sammy, Lolita, Ruby ...) I hope the rest are ok, I often wonder about what they might be doing and if they recovered. I hope they did and that's the reason they aren't on blogger any more.
In any case I've found lots of new blogs to follow that I didn't before and the community seems as friendly and welcoming as ever.
Take care lovely
Mandy xx

Charlie said...

I feel this so hard. I'm not super active anymore, but I go through phases of posting a lot and commenting a lot and then take a break and just read.
I was 16 when I started my blog, and I'm now 22. Now I feel old as shit. There's a lot of people that were really influential for me, people that were some of my best friends on Blogger who have just vanished into thin air. Some said goodbye, but most didn't. Which is kind of sad.