Thursday, April 16, 2015


What can I say - despite having this blog for almost four years now, I still sometimes have loads to say. Firstly - intake for today. I'm pleased with it - according to my calorie counter (which is SUCH a novelty to use, because I can do this in my head instantly - today I wanted to treat myself) I have had 555 calories which has consisted of kale stirfry, a fromage frais and copious amounts of coffee/tea = milk. The event better news about this is that I also went for a 10km walk which burnt 653 calories. So, MUTHA FUCKERS if you can't do the maths - that is a net of (negative!!) - 98 calories. BOOM! Let's hope the scale reflects it. 

Secondly - I will be posting a weekly update like Lolita does. <3 Lolita! Anyway, so I will have an official weekly update. 

Thirdly, lastly - I cleaned up my reading list again today and I started with almost 300 blogs that I followed. I cleaned them up based on 1 single criteria and that is whether they have been active in the last six months (note: six months). I now have 29 blogs on that list. What the fuck happens to people in this community? Bored teenagers who think it's fashionable (and then not) to have an ED - do they die? do they recover? do they get bored of sharing? was their ED not an ED but in fact just one obsessive diet? I have no idea. It just makes a person think you know. ANYWAY, my lonely thoughts aside, I'd really like to have a few more blogs to read - any that you can recommend? I found like four new ones that I like (fuck it, may as well share):
  • if you like Ruby's blog, you might like this one: Crazy or sick - there is just so much going on in her life. I kinda relate to this because if you are a bored kid at home with an eating disorder, that's one thing. When you are a functional adult and you have to manage your eating disorder around making sure that your life doesn't spontaneously combust, as lives do - I relate to this, the secrets, the shame, the judgment that you avoid
  • Nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all
  • Finding a way out of depression - this lovely girl breaks my heart. I can relate to her loneliness wanting someone to listen (GO THERE NOW!)
  • Mandy Devoidde 
Anyway, BLOG ME!! 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo


Mandy Devoidde said...

Thanks for the shoutout ^-^ I've just followed all the blogs you recommended.
I often wonder about the people who stop posting.. I hope they are ok.
I'd recommend some blogs but you probably follow them already XD, I'm new here and I have a limited circle at the moment.
Take care lovely xx

TheBurningBridges Brigade said...

I enjoy your blog and it was nice reading all your updates.I would love love love if you could check mine out. Its more of a lifestyle/dealing with an eating disorder blog more than anything else and I'm a little bigger than your typical ED girl, but I feel like you may enjoy it. I update frequently. Anyway, thanks for the posts and good luck hon.

Lolita said...

I miss loads of Bloggers that I no longer have the URLS for: Sarah (thincredible), Gabrielle (The Black Book), Alex (Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax), 2 other Bellas...

I often wonder what happened to them.

<3 you too! xx

Lila said...

I know for me I have a hard time keeping up with post now a days because of the lack of Internet at my house...posting through a phones is time consuming. Glad to see your back to posting, yours is one of the blogs I enjoy reading and can relate to at times!

Lost Girl said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment about me and my blog...I just noticed, its nice to see someones out there who goes through similar shit...glad you're posting again and more often