Sunday, December 6, 2015


I got my period... again!? What the fuck. I got it like a week and a half ago - it finished and now it's back? I missed a pill - maybe that's why? But dafuq!? And I feel all bloaty about it too. And I gained 100g between yesterday and today. 

Yesterday I had probably about 900 calories, but I did go to the Museum and British Library - according to my pedometer I did 12000 steps. So that's positive and I didn't cheat or binge. Which I'm thankful for. 

Today, I'm going to Winter Wonderland later today with Monika - because I bailed on our movie last night. I'm going to invite Colbey, who said he'd come, but my bet is that he is going to be too hungover so will flake. I'm anticipating being let down by him. Because like I said - he treats me like crap and I'm pathetic, etc etc.

I'm going to try not to binge today. I am definitely not going binge. NOT GOING TO BINGE! NOT. GOING. TO. BINGE. Also not going to drink. I think I'm going to have a cheat meal today though, because I haven't cheated since last week Sunday. I want to see if I can find just a meat based meal or something that is as close to clean as I can find. 

I'm taking the lead set by Lolita and I'm going to set December mini-goals. First of which is that I won't gain. But I'm going to do a weigh in and measurement tomorrow morning to see where I am and then have a mini-goal set. *STAY TUNED* 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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