Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December Mini-Goal

So here's the jam. 

By the end of December I want to have hit my GW2: 67.0kg flat. 

As of this morning I weigh 69.7kg, which serves me right for Sunday and Monday eating shit. I'm hoping that I'll be back into the 68's tomorrow. 

I'm being reminded of some things at the moment... Some things about my life in Cape Town. I don't really know why... 

Tonight, Monika managed to swing us some VIP tickets for Mumford & Sons at the O2. She came round for dinner last night and despite my protests, I had a couple glasses of white wine and ate a bit too much of the wholewheat pesto pasta that I made for us. Good work, little pig. *No wonder you're at the weight you are today*

I need to be smaller tomorrow because I'm seeing Colbey. You know. I know I was drunk when I said it to him on Sunday, but I do actually think I'm at least a little bit in love with him. I just want him all the time. I need to chill my slacks. 

From next weekend, Colbey is going to Australia to see his family. Seeing his brother in law who he probably won't see before he dies (did I mention, his brother has brain tumours and will be dead in a few months-  I don't even know how to begin to deal with this!). And he is back on the 10th of January. So ja, it's gonna be a test to see if like.. yeah. I know he's seeing his ex in Australia - he told me that. I don't mind if he does. I trust him. 

And IF it's all going alright when he gets back then I'm going to tell David about it in person. I don't want him to find out from elsewhere. I know he'll be upset, but I think it's the right thing to do. 

God guys, I'm really sorry. I'll stop talking about Colbey at some point. 

I'm thinking of doing a VLOG - what dyou guys think? Would you be interested in seeing this face? 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Bella said...

Arghhh, it's crunch time! I wanted to lose about 15kg this year, but I've barely lost 10kg. Don't think it's gonna happen.

I'm loving this Colbey romance! He seems way more worthwhile than David. Too much drama there.

I get stage-fright when the cam goes on, but vlogs could be a nice chance of pace.

Take care <3

Cally C. said...

<3 vlog, please!