Tuesday, December 1, 2015

So Close To A Milestone

Fuck, well I am losing, just ever so slowly. You know when you watch weightloss programs or you read about it on those 'healthy weightloss' sites, they say it is healthy to lose about 1kg a week. I hate it SO FUCKING MUCH, because yes, you can accelerate this by starving (if you're ano), but if you're mia like me, it goes up and down - binge and purge - BOO! 

Anyway, so I'm on track for about that loss, slightly more. I'm down to 70.1kg. Which is 4.9kgs down in four weeks. 

My first milestone is breaking 70. SO FUCK TO THE FUCKKKKKK YEAH. After that the next milestone is breaking 67. 

I feel like I may be able to get my old self back who didn't feel like a fat piece of lard all the time. 


Peace & Luck
Xo Xo


Aye Ell said...

Just one of the many things I hate about purging.

It feels so great to break through those milestones though! You're so close. Keep up the good work lady!

Screaming Willow said...

B/P never really works to help me lose weight unless I also incorporate exercise or occasional fasting. *sigh* My weight is always all over the place. So annoying.

Hope you get your old self back. Also hope that you can have just a shred of kindness for the self that you are now. :)