Friday, December 4, 2015

Well, Fuck Me.

So good news: I'm now down to 69.1kg (152.3lbs) - so I am not going to have a cheat day until I'm at 67kg. Because, I don't want to binge... *wait* WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT!? I don't plan to binge. I'm yeah. No. I'm getting to 67kg as soon as possible. I don't think I'll have a loss three days in a row. So I probably will gain tomorrow. Today, I've had about 450 cals so far and I plan to have some homemade sweet potato fries for dinner and then that's it. 

So bad news: I'm hopelessly obsessed with Colbey again. He came round last night and it just kinda picked up... and his friend that was staying with him has gone back to the ski resorts so now selfishly I kinda feel like I've got him to myself. Even though I don't. He admitted to being on Tinder. I also saw him get a message on Tinder while he was here. But I mean. We were done. And now I don't know what we are... I'm making a point to be more emotionally available. Actually tell him what I want. But as I said. We saw each other yesterday for the first time since... well three weeks. So yeah, who knows. God, I'm so sorry guys. I know it's awful that I bleat on about him. I promise I will try not to... 

Here's to being in the 68's tomorrow!! :D :D 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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