Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Excitement IN MY FACE!

Omgosh guys, I am so fucken excited. Tomorrow night I am seeing Seether. Which is a band... for those that don't know. They are originally a South African band that moved to the states and now they are fairly big... As a band. ANYWAY, so they are playing tomorrow night and originally I thought I wouldn't be able to get tickets, then I posted in the fb event and this girl replied, so I'm getting my ticket tomorrow and going to rock out with my cock out. Yes that right. I can't mutha fucken wait. Oh hang on Piggy, what's that thing you do when you're happy - QUEUE MUSIC *happy penguin dance*

In other news, Piggy failed Coco last night. After my lovely day of low cal eating, I cracked and had a late night binge fest which consisted of four bbq chicken wings, a cheese burger and two fishcakes. Not the worst, but definitely worse. If you know what I mean. ANYWAY. So today, I have been pondering a ketogenic diet, because my bestie is on the Dukan Diet and according to my research the high protein vibes makes you lose fat and not muscle... mind you not that there is any muscle on me. A true Piggy, all fat. Lol, a fat piggy even. AHa. Strange fucken mood that I am in tonight. ANYWAY. So I've been thinking about doing a protein rich diet. Only problem is that I have a number of concerns. Number one. Protein is super high in calories and I'd rather have quantity over quality if you know what I mean. In other words I'd rather have ten pears than two chicken breasts. And fruit is so yummy as well and on these diets there are no carbs including fruit. I LOVE fruit. mmm I could eat a pear right now. SAVE IT TILL TOMORROW PIGGY. Secondly, I'm always worried about my vitamin and mineral intake, so if I'm not eating veggies and fruits, where am I getting my vitamins from. I mean, this is me. I can't exactly afford to get depressed - otherwise there will be major binge eating and even more major cut-cutter-ing. *whomp whomp whomp* Ever make funny sounds just because you wanna make funny sounds.

Today I have a lovely svelte 487 cals which has consisted of about 150mls of fruit smoothie, two chicken breasts and coffee with milk. Tomorrow I think will be an all fruit day. I had a boat load of plums in my fridge and I want to be as skinny as possible for Seether. YES SEETHER *headbang*

Update to the Saturday boy sitch, I sent him a fb message suggesting that we do this thing in Kentish town on Tuesday called Bring Your Own Vinyl, which is basically chilled drinking with people bringing their own vinyls to be played. I mean. Awesome right? Anyway, that was at... 3pm? And I haven't heard back. OH well. You win some, you lose some. I'm going to start hanging out in Camden more so that I can listen to more live music. I love jamming to live music. *yes we can* I'm pretty manic right now (can you tell?). Manic Piggy O. V. E. R. and out.

Peace & Posh
Xo Xo


Skylar Rainn said...

Seether?! Omg omg omg not listened to them since I was in high school *flashbacks to bad hair and too much eyeliner* FAKE IT and FMLYHM favourite songs evvveeerrrr. Have a super awesome time!!!! (maybe try get on stage and snog the singer, yummy) I would climb him like a tree...

That Girl said...

sounds like your diet today was really yummi :D fruit and meat. healthy too..
Just started following your blog today. Just started my own blog and I just really need someones elses blog to read to keed me going and not binging. thanks for being a hand to hold then it gets hard .
xoxo Jo

Katie Elizabeth said...

You're so lucky. That's awesome. I hope you have a blast. Your intake today sounds wonderful. Forget that boy. He don't know what he's missing sweetheart. Much love. Thanks for the support.

loveylou said...

Hey girl! I'd definitely recommend going on a high-protein diet, but just remember to keep it low cal. All of my 'meals' are based around a maximum protein content so that I stay full for as long as I can and build muscle which burns fat. I'm a vegetarian so all of my protein comes from cottage cheese, protein shakes (which I definitely recommend, so many different combos and you can add them to oatmeal or any healthy baking etc) tofu, some cheeses (though I'm extremely picky, of course) and eggs. I eat eggs every day, but not the real ones, egg beaters see if you can find something like that, they are SO good, 30 cals per 1/4 cup and 6g protein and only 0.5g Fat! You can make veggie omlettes so you keep up your vit/min intake, or take a multi-vit (which is what i do) to round everything out.
I thought the EXACT same thing as you, I wanted as much bang for my buck, so to speak. I kept eating low low cal foods as often as I could to keep up my metabolism but then I would end up binging on cheese and bread. Thats it. every time. I knew I needed more protein and what you can do is just cut up the 2 chicken breasts (to use your example) into say 4 portions each, 8 portions total, and snack on them throughout the day or add them into different salads, or low cal wraps etc. It helps keep you from feeling like your going to pass out, more grounded if you know what I mean? Plus when you do 'binge' I notice that I don't put on AS much weight as I would before, because even though I was eating stricly low cal foods (eggs beaters veggies fruit n ff yogurt ONLY) my metabolism was SHOT to SHIT and I'd have this huge poof in my belly and it just sent me into such panic that i'd binge and binge and binge again.
Right now I eat about 800 Cals a day, and aim to get at least 60g of protein a day, at least 15g of protein a meal. You'll stay full and be able to work out harder and longer and I found I craved less carbs, which was my ultimate weakness, any kind of carb i could get my hands on. The increase in protein helped me feel more satisfied, but the calculations and portions control made me feel in control, and that I wasn't 'failing' because my intake would still be extremely low.
Give it a try and let me know what you think!
lots of love

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

shhh do not speak of cocks its only mean that can mention male genitals on blogs
arent you a vegetarian
omgosh im doing low carb too im thinking 1000kcal a day and dude im also thinking >50g of carb. imagine what under 20 grams of carbs look like to me. what is that
its just eggs
eggs are nice but no
fffff youre already a stick but whatever, babe -kisses K's cheek-

-George DiCaprio

Jade said...

I saw Seether a really really long time ago. Like when they toured with Evanescence. They put on a great show! Hope you have a wonderful time! <3 Jade

S. said...

aaaaah seether!! soooo jealous!!
have fuuuun!!!


Aye Ell said...

Low carb works. Meat and eggs have a pretty good vitamin content and if you pair it with some good, not starchy colorful vegetables, you'll find you can stay in ketosis pretty well and still get your vitamins and minerals. Careful with supplements. What they make in a lab is not the same as what is found in nature (especially when it come to Vitamin E) and it's easy to OD if you're not careful, but a little supplementation is good if your diet isn't well rounded.

Aye Ell said...

Also, if you decide to eat eggs for the nutrition, make sure you eat the yolks! You will get protein just by eating the whites, but that's about it. Almost all of the nutrition is in the yolk and I can't tell you how many girls eat eggs cause they hear they are nutritious and then throw out all of the nutrition.
(though if I'm really hungry and panicking about Calories I'll make an omelet with 1 whole egg and two whites, but I try to at least eat one yolk)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to do veggies and protein, but meat is so high in calories!! I soo get the "quanity over quality".

Neither more said...

Formally saron gas :) used to see their shows all the time before they moved, they're very awesome!! :) had the privilege of having a drink with them once also before they became international! They very nice guys!! Hope you enjoy it!!

Emily Anonymous said...

Have fun at Seether! I love them.