Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whoa, such a busy week!

Whoop whoop! Ladies and gents, this broadcast is coming to you LIVE from Tottenham, London. It is dodgy, it is noisy, but god damn peeps, it is big and spacious!! Boom.

So basically, I have had a super busy weekend and week, getting stuff done. Lets start with tales from the weekend. On Friday I went out and got very drunk with friends. I ended up getting into a fight on the bus at 7am on Saturday morning who was accusing me of being racist. Basically, I was sitting on the top level of the bus and I was tired and drunk and the three of them surrounded me. And tried to talk. I told them very politely that I was tired and drunk and therefore didn't want to talk to them. So this dude, goes OFF at me about being racist. So I threw the rest of my drink on him. And he grabbed my hair. So I punched him. It didn't really do anything since I'm such a weakling, but I am starting krav maga. I am sick of being unable to protect myself. This isn't the first time I've been assaulted by someone and I've had enough. It is more than likely going to be just me for the rest of my life. And life is rough and if a mans gonna make it he's gotta be tough.

After this whole situation I jumped off the bus in the middle of nowhere and it took me ages to get home. I couldn't even go to sleep because I had to fetch the keys for my new place, so I ended up moving and packing my entire flat on Saturday without sleep and still drunk. I took a half a bottle of vodka for the bus ride home, so was even more pissed when I eventually got home. Saturday was a write-off. So so tired. But I'm here now and my flat looks like Chernobyl - and that is all that counts.

As a by product of being so horrendously hungover on Friday and Saturday, I ate like shit. Which didn't help the weight. It was awful. So now I'm back on restriction and its going well. I've had about 450 cals today, which is epic. I saw some cool malaysian recipes for various dishes that don't have carbs in them. And luckily, unlike chinese and japanese cooking, these dishes also don't have a shiton of oil in them. So I want to try and make them. Chilli paste, ginger and yumminess. Om nom nom.

Thanks for all the lovely ass comments on my last couple of posts. And I also want to thank some of the kids that have been sending me emails. It really never gets old to hear that you guys can somehow identify with all of this. And I LOVE getting emails. So send away. I have a couple to reply to which I will get to in the next day or two. I promise I'm not ignoring anyone :) Girls gone cray cray!

And if you are in the US - GO VOTE AND VOTE OBAMA!!! I watched this doc called the Invisible War, which is about the rape epidemic in the US military. It really confirmed for me that gender rights is something that I feel very strongly about. So I think that I am definitely going to commit to that for my masters. With the US system of court marshalling - over 80% of reported rape cases are never investigated and the rape victims are the ones who suffer the consequences by getting charged with conduct unbecoming of servicemen and adultery. I can't believe it. I have such a deep respect for the US military and militarys in general. I have always loved the idea of serving ones country, but after seeing this. I have a vastly different picture of the integrity of that institution. According to this documentary, 15% of the new recruits in the military have been charged with or convicted of sexual assault, which is three times higher than the national average. What the fuck is going on that women are treated like this? That men are allowed to get away with this, because the military is a nepotistic boys club? And even worse, the women are made to feel as if it is their fault for wearing skirts or running shorts. OR EVEN wearing makeup. This in unacceptable. If I do nothing else in my life, I am going to make sure that my academic career is dedicated to making sure that my gender is not used as a basis for discrimination and a historical means of oppression and violence against me. I don't plan to ever have children, but I will make sure that my friends and family's daughters will live in a safer world than myself and my sisters do. (OKAY - big rant - feel the PASSION! *grrrr*)

Love to all o'rrr the world & Peace
Xo Xo


Skylar Rainn said...

Eeeek!!! Have missed you posting...even though it's been like 5 days...and I'm seeming stalkerish! I'm glad you're in your new place and I totally agree! Vote Obama, because he sings the blues and is one smooth talking son of a gun. Mitt Romney is corporate asshole sent by Satan! I think defense training is great, I do Wushu and it comes in handy. I'm freaking Jackie Chan!

Anonymous said...

Yay! You're back, I can continue my stalking. :)

Sorry to hear about your fight though, people are twats.


Katie Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear you're back and in your new flat. I've missed you posting. I'm also happy to hear that you are taking self defense classes. THey will be good for you =) I voted today! =)
Much love. XOXO

Emily Carter said...

Love the fact that you quoted Johnny Cash, didn't know people knew about him outside of the US. I'm a southern girl so it's nice to know good country is making its rounds to other places.


Aye Ell said...

I echo your comments on rape and women's abuse. I don't know how it is where you live, but it's nasty here and it's all too often "the woman's fault". There was even a woman recently who was molested by a police officer in a bar and the judge ruled that she just shouldn't have been in a bar late at night. It made me sick. Happens every day....

Atty said...

Holy shit Piggy!! Get on those self defense classes!! Men are fucking animals.
Girl yes, Obama won the election. And I love you so much more for supporting him!!!! *huggles*