Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Minty Fresh

Today has finally been a good day. I have had 494 calories - WIN. Which consisted of two cups of coffee, a whole bunch of chickpeas and a mint yoghurt. Finally feeling like I am back on track again properly. Obviously this is just truly awesomeballs. I'm hoping to be back at 55 by New Years Eve. Because, that's the weight I was this time last year. In a lot of ways it is hard to believe that I have been this weight consistently for a year and that I haven't put it all back on again. Okay, I have fluctuated up significantly, but it is no where near where I started and that is positive. Gooooooooooo team. 

And the other great thing that happened today was that I found a coat. I had this beautiful New Look royal blue coat about three or four months ago and I left it at a bar, and because I left the bar in such a state, I was way to embarrassed to go back and get it, HOWEVER today upon random ebay browsing I saw the exact same coat in exactly the right size and everything. I am so fucken happy. Can't even describe, even though its just a coat. Tomorrow is laundry day though. Come on Coco get a brother through this. 

Haven't heard from that boy again, not since last night anyway. I'm going to play it cool for a week or so before I make a move. GOD I HATE DATING!! On the plus side though after all the heartbreak and hurt. I don't really give a shit about my scumbag ex. Fuck you assbag. ANYWAY. And just for the record, I HATE Taylor Swift, but this is such an awesome pic and she looks so skinny with such long legs. Also an update on my hair, it hasn't fallen out yet. SO YAY. I'm hoping that it will all be fine :) 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Judith Marie said...

I'm totally with you on the Taylor Swift front. Hate her, but damn, she's beautifully skinny.
See, this is why I don't date! I do get crap for it, but I'd rather have that crap, than dating crap.

Well done on the intake front. I have no idea what mine is. I'm going to not count calories until I get to work next week!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Taylor swift always has me jealous. She is absolutely beautiful. That's awesome that you found "your" coat. First thought that came to mind was that someone found it and put it on ebay lol. Good job on the intake and maintaining your weight =) Much love.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

too much of a win!
that doesnt sound like much ugh i love eating repetitive foods though it makes me able to go like "today i had cereal" 3 bowls of cereal and enough to make 600 calories albeit but just cereal is awesome
i was 156.4 for last year this time and ugh it was horrid
i was 156.4 for most of the year last year
i need to fix that
i need to go back to my 151-152. im not hoping for 140-142 and fucking that up. as slow as it goes is fine with me. xD. im just tired i want to see a consistent loss for once!
laundry day! xD
i hate men so we're in the same exact state okai
yes! no shits about the ex is a good thing!
Taylor Swift nearly always looks skinny doesnt make her look any more hot and gorgeous ugh
then again, my type of woman is plump.
yet im the one dating the 4'10 90 pound girl. fuck.

-George DiCaprio