Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not Much

I have so much work to do which I have been monstrously procrastinating about, so it's 9pm on a Saturday and that's what I'm about to get to. BORING! Whatever. Today started as a fast, however in a moment of weakness I had a cup of grated cheese, so about 400 cals of cheese. With the milk from my tea coming to a fabulous 480ish calories for the day. Well done Piggy, well done.

As a bit of an update, Seether was fabulous. I met this lovely group of vaguely attractive and slightly older South Africans, which was lovely and they all seem beautifully responsible. I also got drunk, but not horribly. Enough to loosen up, but not enough to be embarrassing. I caught the last tube home and everything was fine.

I have also decided that my UGW is going to be 50kg now. 110lbs. I got down to 55. But that wasn't enough. This is the parfait time of year to dedicate ourselves to this. Tomorrow, I plan on doing a fruit fast. I have a bunch of plums and pears in my fridge that I needa finish. So that's the plan for tomorrow. One day at a time. Yes. We. Can.

Cheesies & Love
Xo Xo


Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

I love Seether! I couldn't get tickets to see them so I'm insanely jealous right now!

Actually, I too am procrastinating right now. I can work tomorrow when I haven't been busy all day and won't be tomorrow. That's the plan.

50kg is so low; I'm sure you'll reach it- progress pictures on the way please :)

Ooh, I just remembered. I had this dream recently that Coco was on the cover of a magazine (Vogue?) and it reminded me of you and I got all excited for some reason. Quite lame really haha.

Love! xx

Anonymous said...

That's still a good intake for today. 50kg sounds awesome, best of luck tomorrow :)
Alice xx

Judith Marie said...

firstly, niiiiiiiiice. I love Seether. Would love to see them live! You've just inspired me to pull out some of their old albums and have a nostalgic evening.
Secondly, niiiiiiiice (and no, I haven't suddenly become Australian) (and I just realised that only NZers will get that joke). 50kg sounds good for you! My UGW is lower than that but I am like waaaaaaaaay shorter than you are, and my short stumpy legs mean my fat ass is closer to the ground than your lovely toned one.

That Girl said...

That sounds like a great UGW . Hope you get there soon so you can be the best version of you :) loving the fruit fast . I'm going to do the same thing tomorrow . Hope you are well.
Xoxo Jo