Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Curvy debate continues...

So, my previous post seems to have sparked a bit of debate. And a point I didn't mention in my previous blog, which I then mentioned in Judiths post is this. And i'll try and be brief, because I've been awake for about 31 hours and my brain hurts and typing is hard. My point is this. Modern society is saying that it is okay to be curvy. Cool. And that it is fine to be the average. My problem with this is that the average size woman is a size 14, the average female bmi in England is 27. Ten years ago it was a size 10. So if we keep adjusting our beliefs according to the average, we are in serious trouble. Because in ten years time, we are going to be saying that a size 18 is fine because it's average, no. I am a tall girl and I was overweight at a size 12, so yes the average woman is overweight. Now, we also know that obesity related diseases are one the biggest killers in the world. Why not give the kids heroine? It's a faster way of killing them. You wouldn't give a drug addict crack, you wouldn't give an alcoholic booze. And is food any different? No. We live in a now generation where we constantly want more more more and we want it now. We are a generation of people that are incapable of saying no. Look at the debt crisis, for example? Practising a little self-restraint is not saying that you can't eat what you want, it's the same as saying that instead of drinking a bottle of wine a day. have a glass. Yes, dieting sucks, but the reverse is a slow and painful death. We also know that we are biologically predisposed to getting fatter as we get older. So what begins as a size 14 20-something year old, is going to lead to a size 28 40 year old. As human beings, we have started to become more aware of self-preservation yet somehow suggesting that we stay at a healthy weight doesn't factor into this. It's economically inefficient to have an overweight workforce because of the illness related to execessive weight, the economy is going to have carry those people that can't work because of their weight, or who need excessive time off from work because of it, and later on it leads to early retirement and excessive medical costs. Everything about being overweight is bad for you. Not to mention the fact that is a generation of women bred to believe that they aren't beautiful. And ladies, no fat girl. Loves that she's fat. Well very few. So this lie that society tells us about how 'curvy' is beautiful, it's all a big. fat. lie.

Anyway, so this morning I weighed in at 61.5kg. That's progress girls. Getting back on track, today I've had a bunch of coffee and a lot of peanut butter, so about 550 cals is my guess, cuz I'm not sure how much PB I ate. Anyway, I pulled an allnighter with all the deadlines I have and now I'm going to bed. Hoping to see a flat 61 tomorrow. :D :D

Love & Peanut Butter (crunchy, duh.)
Xo Xo


That Girl said...

First of all I totally agree with you. The world is adjusting the word "beautiful" with the average woman, who are overweight.. I am struggling to be skinny because THAT is beautiful ! So gimme a break and just tell the world to diet instead if letting them believe its okay to be overweight or worse.

Second of all, I love that you are the same height as me and measures in kg. it makes it so much easier to follow you. I'm currently at 62,2 and I wanna we 61,5 too !! Need to get going with this! But congrats though! I envy you so bad. Hope this fast can get me down at 60,5 quickly! Good luck on the scale tomorrow !

Xoxo Jo

loveylou said...

GREAT POST!! I too have been up for 24+ hours, otherwise believe me this would illicit a lengthy post as it has inspired me and deserves so but its just not going to happen, sorry piggy lol.

keep it up girl
love always,

Christina said...

First, I completely agree. The world is changing their perception of beauty, because all the overweight people are being self-concious, because those who strive for beauty look nice doing it, and all the other people are pretty much saying "I don't have to be thin to be pretty". While that's an alright idea, it's wasted on those who don't even try.

Secondly, congratulations on the loss. I really envy you (newbie at 65, here. ew). Hope that I can shift it all quickly.

Keep it up! x

PS: Met Prince Charles today. Super psyched. Read about the experience on my blog. :D

Breathe~ said...

Absolutely, we get such mixed signals about what is "ok" and accepted. Theres the "curvy is beautifull" message and then a bombardment of stick thin models and celebrities setting their own visual exapmle. It can be very confusing.. The best is to just stick to what we each deem as beautifull and sexy and Im totally with you on that


Miranda said...

There is a big difference between curvy and fat or overweight and I think curvy is often used when it should really be overweight. Having curves is fine..not that I want to many of them but when you say you have curves and you are really just fat then there is a big problem and I think that's what happens a lot.

Mystic said...

Pretty sure the only reason guys say that they like "curvy" girls is because having "curves" just means you have giant boobs...

Anyway, congrats on the loss!!
Keep it goin!


Also, crunchy peanut butter rocks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is too much emphasis on actual size, I've noticed the suggestion that people may think "Oh if I'm this size I'm ok" or "If I'm the 'average' size I'm ok", but perhaps they need to be looking at how much they are exercising and what types of foods they are eating. I agree that most size 16 women are probably not eating and exercising right, but the same goes for a lot of size 8-10 women.
The way we look at this really needs to be from a health perspective because beauty is a strange and subjective concept.
Plus, I agree with the above comments, there is a big difference between being curvy and being fat, I tend to associate curviness with people who are bigger (as in not skinny) but who are fit.
Alice xx

Judith Marie said...

ah my pretty lady, you always got my back, and I've always got yours. So good to hear so many people are on the same wavelength as us, just a pity mainstream media aren't.
Curvy vs fat, meh, so not the same thing, and I'm so sad that they have somehow merged to become synonymous, just so women can feel better about themselves. Why can't we all just wake up and face the music, we're fat, and we need to work hard to be thin. Why are they so lazy? Ah, if I could answer that, I could solve all the world's problems eh.

Love you and yours ever,

-Judith Marie

Emily Anonymous said...

I definitely agree- it's not good at all to adjust standards to an unhealthy average.
I do agree with you, but I'd like to make an interesting point:
In the US (I don't know about worldwide) the cutoff BMI for normal weight was shifted downward from 27 to 25. This was apparently mostly due to weight loss lobbyists and not nutrition experts. Therefore, people who are slightly overweight may be healthy enough.
Also, there was a study that showed that people who were slightly overweight actually lived longer. Not sure about specifics on that but it was an intriguing finding.
Of course, there's nothing good about being grossly obese.

Anonymous said...

You and all the above comments are absolutely right. Changing standards does not make it okay, it just makes you lazy. And what I don't understand is how so many of us understand the problems of obesity on the economy and health services yet the rest of the world doesn't seem to. And then those who do work hard and struggle to lose weight get branded as vain or sick. Yeah, we're the crazy ones..
Well done to you, making the world thinner 1 kilo at a time xx