Monday, November 12, 2012

Olive Oil se MA!

OMG, so today, I have been totally good. I've had two potatoes and that's it. BUT I now find out that they were cooked in fucking olive oil, whereas I always dry roast things. Seriously, the oil doesn't add to the flavour much and I can do without the calories. ANYWAY, the result is, instead of only having 450 cals, I've now had about... Oh I don't know. LIKE eight-fucking-hundred. SIGH SIGH. Okay, silver lining. It's still under 1000 - which is fine. I'm going to do some lunges now and some sit ups. So hopefully that can get ye ol' metabolism a workin'. ANYWAY. Calm down Piggy. Coco is zen. WooooZaaaa.

Right, so in my dating life. I got a little news... Nothing special and not getting any hopes anywhere because he is bound to disappoint me. BUT. On Saturday I met a guy, who left really abruptly when his friend starting... falling everywhere. Poor girl - so drunk. Anyway, so after chatting the whole night, and nada. I was like, bitch please. I'm a modern woman. ANYWAY, so this is where it gets a wee bitty stalkerish, but bear with me. He lives with these two girls who are friends of my friend that I partied with on Saturday. So I found him on fb and sent him a message asking him out. Like proper girls. I could have died of embarrassment. I shit you not, I was writing the message going 'i'm a modern girl, I can do this. I'm just asking some guy out so what. SO WHAT are you CRAY CRAY - you found this poor guy on facebook - he didn't ask for your number, maybe he didn't want it. OMG stalker alert - jesus christ Piggy, just delete the message and move on. NO nO piggy, this is not a big deal, maybe he'll be impressed with your ballsyness." Anyway, so after tough talking myself back into it. I finally did send him a message and he replied yesterday with his phone number, BUT ladies, BUT - he used the word 'suppose' as in "i suppose we can hang" - this does not work for me. So I'm not going to text him, but then he sent me another message on fb, so I changed my mind. After all the bullshit with my ex, I think I've forgotten how to date... SAD MUCH!? Anyway, he is totally gorgeous and tall. And a civil engineer. Which is epic times. But then he seems like a party boy, and I don't know about that...

That is pretty much about as interesting as it gets for me at the moment. It's now 11.30pm and I need to do some work. SIGH!

Love & Peace
Xo Xo


Judith Marie said...

yeah oil adds a fuckload of calories eh. Which sucks balls, especially when it comes to salads. Eating salads with no dressing or olive oil is not exciting. And at my hungry time of the month there is nothing I want more.

And the boy, yeah, well, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Especially in England. When I was over there I was like whoa! So many okay guys! Why can't they all move to NZ!

Katie Elizabeth said...

I hate things cooked in oil. It makes things ten times worse to eat. I hope you can go out with this guy and things go well. If not, get yourself some at least ;) Stay beautiful.

Emily Carter said...

Sorry about the oil. I can imagine that was very triggering. Great that you stayed in control and kicked ass. As for the boy, I say go for it. So he used a stupid word that is somewhat wishywashy. Keep it light and fun and at worst you'll get a fun time out of it.


Lana Banana said...

Oil is such a pain in the neck... but at least it was olive and not corn, which is worse...
So, I'm new in blogspot, I've just joined your site :) hope you're doing fine. XO

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

eight fucking hundred is usually my calorie count anyway. xD
baaaaabe what did you ingest to get you this asfghjkl; response
well i just stalk people on tumblr and tell them weird messages all the time soooo
at least your first message to a girl was LET ME LOVE YOU LIKE I LOVE BLAINE'S HAIR. COME HERE.
i refuse to further discuss this.
11.30 and you need to do some work. when do you sleep babe

-George DiCaprio

Emily Anonymous said...

Good for you for messaging him!
I bet he replied like that because he needs to keep you pursuing him instead of the other way around.
It's all a mind game, and I'd say you might have him thoroughly entranced.