Saturday, November 10, 2012


Wowee, it has been such a stressful past couple of days. Just a quick little post to say HI to everyone. I've been having a lot of breakdowns recently. Like little crying bitch fits about nothing. I even considered lo and behold going back to Cape Town out of aching loneliness. HOWEVER. I will not. I shall persevere. I can't let them get the best of me.

So firstly, let's say heyyyyyyyyy to the Pres, proving once and for all that it is true, once you go black you never go back! HaHA! No I'm kidding. I'm so fucking stoked about Obama winning, I can't even tell you. And legalising weed in Colorado and Washington. America, fuck yeah.

I'm still fat. Today I have had about... 700 calories. Which isn't too bad. I'm hoping to do a full on fruit fast tomorrow, although I have just been invited to dinner at a friends place, which isn't the best situation. I also have fucken chemical burns on my head from bleaching my hair. Fucking stupid idiot that I am. I decided to do it myself and it burnt like a bitch. I thought I got away with it, not even to mention that my hair is rather yellow instead of white, so now I need to go find toner. ANYWAY. And now I can feel crusty scabs on my scalp. Nice piggy, fucking nice.

Anyway, tomorrow I am attending a human rights conference at the University of East London. I'm hoping that it will feed my brain and I will make a couple new contacts through it. You know, saving the world one poverty victim at a time. Will report back tomorrow.

SKYLAR, I STILL CAN'T COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG! WHAT'S UP! And thank you as usual for all the lovely comments. :) I met my neighbours yesterday and the one seems to like randomly checking in. If I wanted to live in a sharehouse I would. But I don't, because I don't want to put up with people. Leave me aloneeeee mutha fucker. ANYWAY. To bed with me. It's been a long ass day.

Peace on Earth & Love
Xo Xo


Anonymous said...

Go Obama!! crack me up!! LOL

Birdy Thin said...

Haha totally love that Obama post :) I agree with you. Thanks for following; hope all goes better for you!

NeoHippie said...

I over bleached my hair once too, and burnt my scalp. A few days later my hair started falling out in junks.....I had to get a pixie cut! haha. It was rough though.

Honor Regzig said...

Definite yay Obama. Ah hah Mom texted me day after the election "it's ok to come down...Obama won"

Din Mamma said...

I live in Sweden and I can tell you that we are super happy that Obama's still the prez!

Emily Anonymous said...

I'm just surprised weed was legalized in Colorado and Washington before California. But it's a start!

Skylar Rainn said...

I have a lot of people saying they can't comment and I'm like "huh?" I have no idea what's wrong with it but I'll have a little snoop and ask my good friend google =]

...Smooth move on the chemical burns xD <3

Anna Stone said...

Anything's better than Romney! And eff yeah to Colorado, best state in the damn US as far as I'm concerned, I can't wait to move there! And I made that decision before pot became legal, so yeah, it's that awesome. So happy you're loving your new place. And good luck on the fruit fast! I'm on day two and holding strong. I've given up on multiple day liquid fasts, they just lead to overeating, but having a piece of fruit a day, yeah I can do that :) And FYI, the scalp burns will disappear soon! I did it once too heh..