Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thinspo And Stuff

I don't really have too much to say. I did well on Thursday and indicative of a period, which was preceded by a whole day of bloathing, I ended up binging. And then last night I binged too. Not too badly mind you, it was only around 2000 cals worth. Needless to say I did not weigh yesterday or this morning. ALTHOUGH. I did manage to bring it back today, not fantastically, but I have saved it. I had a peanut bar (195), noodles (400), pom bears (95), zero cal energy drink and an apple (60), so a total of 750 for the day. Which is okay I think. I think the reason behind all the self control is essentially because I still have this huge disgusting crush on Andrew (the temp from work) - it's all I think about, I day dream about him, I fantasise about him. I mean - I need to make a decision about whether to make a move by next Friday, because he won't be with the company from next Friday and so after that I won't ever see him again. *cry* I also kinda think that I am just going to leave it and let him make a move if he's interested and if he doesn't then it is fate. Guys, I have a proper legit school girl crush on a boy. WHO AM I!? Like, the last time I had a pathetic crush on someone was ages ago. Like a proper pathetic crush. I want to actually date him. Like a normal functional relationship kinda date him. WHO THE FUCK IS THIS PERSON!?


Peace & Love 
Xo Xo


Christina said...

Well done on today's intake. This guy sounds really nice. I think you should make a move if you really like him, otherwise you'll regret it if you don't. xxx

Katie Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love the third picture. Great job on todays intake. Despite binging a couple days, you've been doing so well. I'm proud of your progress. I say make a move on Andrew. If you have a school girl crush, I think it's worth perusing. Love ya.

Charlie said...

School girl crush? Eee! Those are the best and worst hahah. You're doing great, like, so much applause for controlling the bingies and getting back to where you wanted. :) <3