Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Well, It's Going

I weighed in this morning at 65.4kg. Which I was really super shocked about, because I've been eating so much. Hopefully though that this means I can get down to a good weight by like... February. Let's see. I don't want to preempt it because I always have a lot of lofty promises, but then I freak out and never stick to them or am too embarrassed to admit that I've fucked it. Today I've had about 490 cals, I think which consisted of a Starbucks grande sugarfree hazelnut soy latte (148), snack o jacks (110), a pear (60), a diet cherry coke, a landslide of black coffee, and souper green soup (123) with a tablespoon of reduced cal pesto (50). Give or take on the maths there. I am hoping to be under 65 tomorrow. It's been a while. Man, I'm fat. 

Work is so stressful at the moment, because we've got this huge congress in San Diego in less than a month and I am stressing some serious balls about it. Anyway, on top of which I have my Milan project for October (sounds far away, but it's a lot of work) and now I've just been given a geothermal project for July in Nairobi. So this year is going to be a little bit cray-cray. I ordered my business cards today - i.e. I'm not going to be sacked in the foreseeable future. (I was thinking for Nairobi, since I'm there I may want to do a sneaky trip up Kilimanjaro, but I need to see how much my quarterly bonus is, because it's really expensive.) Anthony still refuses to talk to me - he is super pissed that I won't date him. Over it. And sadly, oh so sadly, I've got a crush on this boy at work called Alex. He is a fucking TWAT and he is so rude to me. He called me weird and a racist (because I'm South African - HOW ORIGINAL!?). But I am crushing on him so hard. He has the cutest beard... and a fucking girlfriend. Bad Piggy. Anyway - staying far away, but he's so nice to look at. Well no, he's cute and skinny, I like skinny boys. Even more sadly, I had a dream about Roy last night. It's funny, because in my dreams now, he always has a girlfriend/wife. And usually she is short and fat with a huge ass and enormous thighs. Dark, long hair. Wearing jeans that are strained over her squat fatness. He's just there and we always get into fights or have some kind of altercation. My mind gets it. My heart doesn't. Bonus though, in last nights dream he was broke. Made me smile. :) 

I haven't been climbing since before New Years, because I was too hungover while I was on leave and I've been working every night till 7 this week so I'm too tired. I've got a climbing date with a friend on Sunday, so I know I will go then! YAY! 

Not much going on in my life... My second challenge is coming to an end on the 14th where I was supposed to be down to 60. With only a week to go, it doesn't exactly look like it's gonna happen. But I'm going to get as close as I damn can. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo


Miranda said...

Your job sounds awesome!! Busy, but awesome.

Nina Hunter Grey said...

What is it about arseholes with beards? They turn our heads and our stomachs, the bastards. I feel you. I envy your travelling. Stay marvellous.

missinsanity. said...

weirdy beardy bearded love.

that's honestly the first thing that popped into my head. sorry about work. bleah. what a jerk. try putting laxatives in his coffee. mr. bean style. (just kidding.) san diego, milan, nairobi. you're all over the place.

try to take time out to breathe, okay? take care xx