Tuesday, January 14, 2014


My weight this morning was unremarkable - 64.7. I have figured out why that is however and that's probably because the oven chips I had last night were closer to 500 than 300. Oh well. And then I went and did the same thing today, because I have this huge big bag of them and I'm broke, so I may as well finish them. Today, similarly I had... I have no idea, I'd estimate somewhere between 200 and 300g of them. So that would be between 360 and 540 plus tomato sauce (15cals per table spoon). To be on the safe side, I will guess that I had about 650 cals today. Let's hope that my weight tomorrow is less. The good news is that I'll be lower at the end of this week than I was last week and in the last month since I started challenge number 2, I've lost 3.8kg. Which is good. So if I can get down to 60kg flat in the next month, that'd be fantastic. I'm seeing this guy that I hooked up with before I left Cape Town in San Diego when I go, so I need to be as thin as I was then, which is 58ish. I dunno... Do I want to see him? I feel like I used to be far more interesting than I am right now... am I? 

The big news of course is that I got into a masters course today!! An engineering degree too. An MSc in Energy and Sustainability - so now I just to make a casual 5k in order to start in September. Dudes, the donation button is still on my blog, please let a sugar daddy see this and pay my tuition.  Greedy Piggy. No one cares. Anyway, I'm reveling in my awesomeness today. 

There is a boy... who I really like. But we've never met. I was on whisper... I said something stupid about how hot beards are. He replied. He lives close to me. He's tall and hot (from the pics and skypes we've had). He's in South Africa, but not South African visiting his aunt who lives there. He has a beautiful English accent. He climbs mountains. I have been trying to not say anything about it, because it's SO sad. We had dinner plans for the 24th, which I postponed till after my San Diego trip, because he can't see me while I'm this fat. I'm trying to play it cool.

Moving Forward & Looking Upwards
Xo Xo

p.s. Dyou guys like the new design? I thought since I usually change it like once a year. 
p.p.s Really sorry that I have been banging on about this San Diego trip (OH GOD PIGGY, SHUT UP!) but it's such a focus right now for work and in my life. I've been working really long hours. I feel like I'm eating, breathing, sleeping, DREAMING about this project. It will be over soon and then I'll do something interesting with my life and NOT talk about it anymore. 
p.p.p.s I know I used to be far more interesting. 


Nina Hunter Grey said...

Being English, English boys get less and less interesting. Nothing sexier than an accent different to my own, you know?

I wish my job mean I could travel. I have training in Croydon tomorrow but I really don't think that counts.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

chips don't have any calories. what are you talking about
sorry. i just had a moment. not sure what it means. xD
how does one get to 60 flat it seems impossible (says girl thats stuck at 61-62).
omg. 58 kilos. *stares at the sky* can i please be that at some point in my life
"causal 5k". there is nothing casual about a 5k m'dear
....all the boys.
FP, if i lost 100 grams for every time you talked about a boy, i would be in negative digits by now.
PS. i didn't notice the difference! yay oblivious Sam!
PPS. i thought it was PSS?! curse the fact that English is my second language. (i suck at my first language though. like...majorly. i only know slang in my first language.)