Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Jennifer Lawrence Sucks.

I used to really like her, because she is weird and quirky - cool. She's a cool chick and I'd want to be friends with her. But I fucking hate her. She goes on about how much she eats and how she won't diet - dudes, firstly. What a fucking joke. Maybe she does eat 'whatever she wants', but she probably only has a bite or two and that's it. She isn't 'curvy', she's not normal sized, she's thin. Maybe not by Hollywood standards, but by normal people standards, she has a weight that most normal people would die to have. I hate that she advocates this body acceptance vibe when in fact, whether she diets or not, she is one of the people that DRIVES thinspirationalness in the world. Of course we want to look like her. Fucking nob. I can't stand this hypocritical bullshit that she sprouts when the reality is that she is tall, thin, beautiful and successful. I'm so FUCKING sorry that it's easy for you to be naturally skinny, but jump off a fucking bridge, because that isn't the way it happens in real life. Another fucking delusional Hollywood actress that actually thinks they have a grip on reality. Jennifer Lawrence, you do not. Gain 40lbs and then talk about body acceptance and maybe you'll actually have a leg to stand on. Twat.

In other news, I weighed in at 63.9kg this morning, which means that I lost 0.9kg (2lbs) overnight. Fucking sick I tell you. I'm quite stoked about it. It wasn't going very well today, but then I reigned it in. I had decided that I was going to binge tonight which was going to consist of chips, oreos and vegan sausage rolls. AND YOU KNOW when you make the decision. Like you fight with yourself over it for ages and as soon as you decide, you let go of the worry associated with the binge and start planning it. What you're going to eat, what order you're going to eat in, what the drink is, what you will eat tomorrow to compensate. I had made the decision and then sitting on the tube, I thought - mmm, wouldn't it be nice to weigh less than 63.9 tomorrow. So I decided not to binge. Not to say that today was hugely successful, because it wasn't.  But anyway, so here you go. A sugarfree hazelnut soy latte (148), cracker peanuts (260), fruit (41), skinny soup (165), two carrot sticks with pesto (50) totalling around 664 for the day. I'm happy with that. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some popcorn kernels so I can munch on those in a low cal kinda way. I'm thinking that I may try and fast tomorrow, but I want to go climbing at some point this weekend, so I may need to eat. Anyway, here's to hoping the scale likes me tomorrow. 

Love & Skinny
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Nina Hunter Grey said...

I might have to get the popcorn mare from my mamas house to make plain popcorn. Popcorn is the best.

I have "controlled binge Tuesday" when I can eat crap in the evening if I want to. It's the day after official weigh day so if I do "binge" it means I have time to get rid of it in time for next week.

I hope the scales are kind to you.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

i'm sorry.
i'm laughing i can't comment on anything
the woman has a 26-inch waist and 36-inch hips. SHE IS THIN THANK YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT
also, she is curvy by my standards. in which 'curvy' to me means that she has tits and an ass.
i don't find her so amazing as to parade on and on about her.
kudos to you for sticking to the diet. i have not. i am finding myself in a packet of crisps.

-Sam Lupin

Miranda said...

Popcorn kernels have less calories when they are popped. And I know what you mean. She is naturally not super twig but a very normal and slim size. She doesn't diet herself into a stick but the only reason she doesn't diet is because she doesn't need to.

Margui said...

"In other news, I weighed in at 63.9kg this morning" LOL YOU'RE NOT EVEN FAT