Tuesday, June 26, 2012

All these followers...

Wow dudes, I'm so lucky to have so many amazing followers on me blog, 350 as of today. Thank you all so much for the love and support. You know we always go on about how people on the blogs know us better than our 'real' friends, but I think it's more than that. It's about being able to say shit without judgment. And to be able to say things outloud and acknowledge things about our lives that we are unable to tell people about. And I thank you all for allowing me to be honest. So much of the therapy I have had over the past few months has been about this blog.. being able to share and getting honest support and opinions from people that understand. It's also not just about ED. I mean yes, obviously we talk a lot about those things, but you all also know a lot of things about my life. It's like I don't have to separate the different sides of me, here I can just be. So thanks. :)

Today was a bit of a weird day, my fucking annoying ass client kept harassing me, so I pretty much worked on that all day. But I also couldn't sleep last night so I stayed up and they came to install my phone line which meant I had to go get my modem, which I did at 7am this morning after having watched Mary Poppins for the first time in like... 18 years. And you know what? I finally got to see the ending, because when I watched it as a child, my gran had recorded it on a VCR (remember those) and the tape cut out in the last ten minutes, so until last night, I had never seen the ending. And yes, it was TOTALLY lame. But I love Mary Poppins. She is a bit of a bitch though. Anyway. So then I stayed up and worked till about 2pm and slept till 9pm. I also have had about 1000 cals today. Most of that was potatoes. You know when you're tired you eat more. But I am glad that it wasn't a big binge. I'm not too worried about it.

In other news, my domain name for my company was registered today. YAY! So now, it's all about the website which should be designed by the end oft he week. I need to decide on some content for it. But other than that, it is going so well. Looks like I may have my company up and running by the end of next month... Well. That's the plan anyway. I am house sitting a place in Kent from the 22nd of next month, I can't wait to get out into the country and get all Beatrix Potter on it.

Love & Peace
Xo Xo


Jessie. said...

350 followers is amazing, and it's even better because every single one is here for you. ^^
Ugh. It's things like that that make me nervous about growing up and getting a job. I get annoyed so easily and I'm so bad at hiding it. D:<
I couldn't sleep last night either... I wish I could've woke up and watched Mary Poppins. :( Sounds like an actually nice beginning to the day... it's a pretty okay movie. :)
LOL. That ending thing would totally bother me as a kid! How did you go around not knowing the last ten minutes? I don't even remember exactly what happens the last ten minutes, but I'm sure it's very climactic and needs to be seen...
I LOVE potatoes.
Congrats and good luck on all your business stuff. :)

< 3

WinterA said...

Congrats on reaching 350 readers! I wonder if I will ever get there one day. Anyway sounds like you had a pretty good day today which I am glad to hear.

The only thing I liked about Mary poppins was she could snap her fingers and stuff got cleaned and jumping inside cartons. Both of those skills would be so awesome to have.

Wow you are moving fast with this company thing. I hope everything works out well for you ^_^

Stephanie Ray-leigh said...

<3's to you~
And I just realized we're the same height and have the same UGW! :P

Too Fat for Words said...

350 followers that is amazing so much better than my pitiful 15 :( how did you manage to get so many?
Great steps ahead on the business!