Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to be Anorexic

I get emails all the time asking me for tips on how to have an eating disorder. This is fucked. Absolutely mutha fucken fucked. This is no joke kids, but you want to know, this is how.

1. Stop eating. Not like a diet, just stop eating entirely. Allow yourself 100 - 300 calories a day. If you eat anymore than that, you are a fat disgusting pig, a failure, a miserable piece of shit that serves no purpose in the world except to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.

Who needs food anyway?

2. Hate yourself. Your entire self-worth needs to rely entirely on what you look like, and no matter how much weight you lose, you continue to hate yourself. Every part of your body, looking at yourself in the mirror must be the most painful and critical thing you can ever do. If you haven't actually seriously considered cutting the fat off your body, or sandpapering in my case, you don't hate yourself enough.

Appealing isn't it?

3. Become anti-social. Just stop seeing people, because if they aren't bitching about your weight or how much you are or are not eating - you should be thinking that they are judging your every move thinking about how fat you are. Not just people you know, everyone.

Cuz being isolated is AWESOME?

4. Obsess about food. It should be all you think about - from waking to sleeping - dreaming about food, thinking about how many calories are in everything, what you can eat and what you can't - which is everything. This includes looking at recipes that you will never make, food you will never eat, looking at people eating food sniggering about how lucky they are to not care about being fat, food porn, wandering through the supermarket for hours picking up food, reading labels, putting them down, daydreaming about eating, dreaming about eating, I'm talking proper obsession.

This is awesome!?

5. Cry - all the time. Cry at how fat you are, or how skinny you used to be. Preferably in conjunction with some kind of mental distress, depression, bi-polar, BPD, anxiety. Cry about how everyone overlooks you because you are so ugly and fat. If you can cut yourself to make you feel about yourself, even better.

Sound good yet?

6. Spend the time you aren't thinking about food, looking at thinspo or the mirror. Yeah, that's right, I spend about two to three hours a day looking at thinspo wishing I could look like them. And when I look in the mirror I usually grab my flesh and tug on my body, all the fat I wish I could make disappear.

What a fantastic lifestyle?

7. Don't enjoy anything about life. Because this obsession is all consuming, everything you do is controlled by calories, walking to the shop, drinking and eating anything, fear of doing everything, you should be scared of doing anything that involves going out because socialising involves calories.

If you still think that this is something you want, you are fucked. So please, don't send me emails asking how to get an eating disorder. 10% of people with an ED will die from it. This isn't a joke. Yes, being skinny is fantastic I won't lie, but living with an obsession and hating every fibre of yourself is fucking miserable and it affects every relationship in your life. Read these blogs carefully and you tell me how many of these girls sound happy about the fact that are disordered.

Love & Health
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Anonymous said...

i think that people asking you how to become anorexic is horrifying ! they don't understand how dangerous it is ... there is a difference in being thin and anorexic.
I haven't gotten that far thankfully but i am very careful to not be like that because i know that it can destroy your life. I have a friend who said she used to be anorexic but i think she just said it because she wanted attention. i was not impressed.
Good for you for posting this ... they need to know that being anorexic isn't glamourous in any way but its detrimental to there health both mentally and physically.

Bella said...

Exactly sentiments exactly. I'm really happy with my body being thin, but I'm not happy with the eating disorder, especially all the health issues that come with it. Everyday I'm just waiting and hoping that I won't go to hospital today, because if I went to a doctor or an ambulance was called, I'd be at the hospital in 5 minutes for one reason or another. I mean, it's so fun to be told you're going to die if you don't stay at hospital and eat, and having no choice because, before you know it, you've been slapped with another Involuntary Treatment Order.

It's not as much fun being skinny when you're on the verge of hospital 24/7, and doing your vitals every few hours. People seriously need to remember this before they say 'I would die to have legs like yours'. Careful what you wish for.

WinterA said...

I am honestly surprised they had the balls to ask you. I have to say you described it perfectly on what it is like and what it will take for you to get there to be anorexic.

I am apart of a thinspiration site and young girls come on there all the time asking. I kind of ignore them but tell the healthy way they can lose weight.

They don't understand you ether have it in you to be anorexic or you don't. It really isn't something you can wake up and say her I want to starve to death and just do it.

Smh if you are reading these comments whoever wants to learn to be anorexic. You can't really learn. You can lose weight just as fast with exercise and proper diet. Then you wont lose your hair and look like crap in the process, got it.

ednos Linny said...

Sorry people ask you that it s amazing what people will email, but while you are making the list for them dont forget to add the pyscho thoughts that every thing in your life either happens because your too skinny or too fat. I know I do this all the time. People sit in two catagorize in my mind...Bigger than me..smaller than me. If I dont get a job it is either because I was skinnier than the girl giving me the interview or I was a fat disgusting pig that no one wants around. if something good goes my way it is because all my will power and self control has paid off. My life never revolves around my brains, ability, or personality. Just whether I was too fat or too skinny God we are all crazy lol

Anonymous said...

Amazing post hun, it's absolutely true. The self hatred and insecurity consumes every apsect of a person's life and prevents them from ever accepting themselves, truly enjoying anything or feeling any real happiness. That's not glamorous.
Alice xx

Me Destruit said...

Wow, at first, I thought you were seriously telling them, to get them off your back or something, lol.. I hope they read this and think twice. They obviously need some kind of therapy themselves, because wannarexics are pretty fucked in the head too.

You put the robot thinger back! Arg! :P lol

FatBitch said...

Um what.. That really sucks and is alarming that someone asked you to explain to them how to have an eating disorder. But the fucked up thing is... I know some folks on these sites on blogger that would totes be down to mentor someone who wanted to develop an eating disorder. That's... just... I hope that these people don't find each other.

Fuck man, I want me some skinny feet. Maybe when I lose another 40 or more.... fml.

Kitty said...

The socalled wannarexis don't know how fucking lucky they are to not have an ED.. They just don't understand the thoughts.. the hurt.. the hate..

I think your post is amazing. Cause it pretty much rounds it up..

Sunshinechild said...

Truth <3