Saturday, June 16, 2012


As we know, I fucking HATE exercise, like the fucking plague, I hate exercise. I would rather fast for a week than go for one run. I HATE exercise. But, today I managed to go for a decent walk with a friend and have also decided to do a little bit of toning exercise. For my boobs to start with, because my breasts are so tiny, I figured if I perk up my pecks then maybe they will look less... empty. So, I have been doing wall pushups, leading to proper man push ups. So for two weeks I am doing three sets of 15 reps of these, then I am going to try the pushups on the stairs and lead to the man push ups, so hopefully in about two or three months, I should be able to do a man push up. Then I will try and see if I can incorporate some crunches or something, because I am worried that I am skinny fat. Fuck it. The walk apparently burnt off about 180 cals, so that's excellent. :)

Today, I had a bigish baked potato with mustard, ketchup and low fat mayo with coffee and milk and that's it. Obviously, all these things are high fat and carbs, blah blah, I know. Tomorrow it's veggies all the way. Anyway. So my total for today is 463. I'm not eating anymore. My friend wants to go for a pub lunch tomorrow, so I need to check out what I can have there. Or loads of walking, I dunno. Fuck, I'd rather just get some wine. But the aim is to have less than 500, which will be a salad or something. I think I should be able to convince him that I'm just not hungry. Yes. Weighed in at 59 again today. Hoping for 58 tomorrow. By the time I get to 57 I should be able to do up that corset, but shit, I only have a week.

Love & Exercise
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Cryotaneko said...

I know exaaccttllyyy how you feel about exercise, and I have no one to exercise with (that, and I'm terrified to leave the house after dark, what with the death threats and the spiders outside my windows).

I'm going to go for a long job on the treadmill when my stepdad and sisters leave for this fair down the road. Hopefully I can run for a long time. I doubt it :(

Ahava אהבה said...

I think we all understand hating exercise. I can't stand it. If i was as strong as you and could avoid food, i wouldn't even both with it. As long as you eat no more than 500 cals a day, i think you'll be fine. Although, doing some walking, even around town, is great.

Butterfly Unfolding said...

I really hate it to start with, but once I get into it I feel better.


Andie said...

do you know how to un-subscribe to a site? i read ur site religiously, and i just need to ask bc i figure ur here!