Friday, June 29, 2012

Oranges Ahoy

I have a serious thing about oranges at the moment. Like no jokes. I eat them like mad. Yesterday morning I had a total binge and then slept all day. Today has been amazing so far. Like. I fasted for 30 hours - just water. And now I have had one orange and three cups of tea. I will probably have another orange. :) I just love oranges right now, it's so crazy. I also had an edamame bean and mint salad with is about 300 cals, so today i am well in 600 cal limit. My total intake today is 450 cals. Which is good. I was trying on loads of my thin clothes this evening and I must say, if i am ever too fat to fit in them. I will just die. *sigh* I am 57 today, so still on a bit of a plateau but given the awful binge of yesterday morning, I am not surprised. I am sure i can get it down in a week or two. God, these last two kgs are just not fucking going ANYWHERE!

I have to say that at the moment life feels pretty happy. I am still broke, but hopefully the company will change that. Things with the boy are finally in a good stable space. And i feel like we are moving forward in the right direction. I'm very very happy with how things are going with us. And all it is taking is a little less neurosis from me and just talking about situations that make me feel uncomfortable. Like he's been super busy with work at the moment and so i haven't really spoken to him all week. Instead of getting stroppy and neurotic about it, I told him that even if he's busy, just a little text to say hi, I'm alive works for me otherwise i think I've done something wrong etc etc and he totally understood my point. Anyway, for once, i feel like we are on the same page.

I'm busy looking at website templates, my site is definitely going to be pink in some manner. Me and my candyfloss addiction (not really, i HATE candyfloss). A friend of mine has also asked me to give legal advice of his business stuff, so there is some exposure and money to be made there. It's really nice to be doing well and having direction. I just need to make some friends in London and stay the FUCK away from alcohol. :) I can do this.

Love & Edamame
Xo Xo


Anonymous said...

Communications in relationships is so important but it gets lost in the shuffle a lot. Glad lots of things are going well in your life. There are a hell of a lot worse things you could be addicted to then oranges right!

WinterA said...

I understand what you are going threw. At this moment I do not have a food item I must have but like a month ago it was peaches. Had to have them. God they were just so freakin yummy.

You sound happy. Hey friends can be overrated at times. It takes time to find a true friend. Like right now I do not have any true friends. I have social buddies and coworkers. That is it. I find out most people I say are friends are not. Once I find out their true motive I stop talking to them.

I am glad things are still going well with the business. Yes legal advice is good. Sadly I don't know a lawyer 0_o that's okay though lol. I can still try and have someone overlook contracts. Sometimes they like to use those big words.

You take care and see you on the next post.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad things are going well for you :)
I'm the opposite, I always buy oranges and never get around to eating them!
Take care.
Alice xx

Bella Vinvi said...

Hey, I'm glad you can control yourself very well.
Continue your efforts.

I like to eat oranges too (:

Lolita said...

I'm glad life seems to be going so well for you at the moment :) and I'm hoping the business works out for you. You deserve it!
Lolita xx

désespérée de maigrir said...

I completely understand your communication trouble. The exact same problem plagues me and my ex, since he lives in CA and I'm in NJ. He works 60 hours a week, most weeks, and I find it unbelievable that he cannot take 10 minutes out of his morning to call me. But I guess he doesn't think its the end of the world if we don't speak for a few days. Drives me absolutely nuts, and we have a hard time finding a compromise like you have.

By the way, you look lovely in your corset!

Emily Anonymous said...

I'm someone with bulimia so I was searching for eating disorder blogs to follow and yours came up (not as a direct result of a search, but through another blog). I like your blog, and I think I will continue to keep reading.
It's great that things are going well for you and this boy! Sometimes they just need reminders of how their actions make you feel.
I have to say though, to me 450 calories seems a bit low. I haven't starved myself to that point for a long time but I remember when I did I lived in a daydream. It was like I saw everything from inside a cloud, because I couldn't focus on anything.
Does that ever happen to you?

Stephanie Ray-leigh said...

I orange binged yesterday as well(: I have 7 oranges! It's crazy.

beskinnyx said...

Oranges, my love. <3
You're great.
I'm new. ;)