Friday, June 8, 2012

Just nothing to say...

Work has been so quiet for the past few days... I have literally been sitting around. Absolutely horrible. And I've been eating like a maniac. I look pregnant. Today has been a fruit and veggie detox. Which has been chilled, although I've been chowing down pesto... which isn't exactly detox. I've been watching this series called Pretty Little Liars. Firstly, the most amazeballs thinspo ever, those little bitches are so skinny and beautiful. It makes me laugh though, because it is very cheesy most of the time. But have to say, loving it anyway.

So this is now day 3 in the new flat. It is quite loud with the neighbours bumping around, but in a way - quite sweet and I'm right on the garden. So I get to look out onto a beautiful garden with a cat - that gave me a mutha fucken fright when it jumped onto my windowsill while I was sitting by the window, so I screamed and scared the crap outta the poor cat - a bunch of foxes, that also scared the daylights out of me *scaredpanda* and some noofies aka, the squirrels. I also picked up my new glasses so now I seem to have gone full hipster. In my cherry blossom pink flat. Total noob. It is very nice to have privacy again. Even though my flat is tinnnny tiny. Considering the place I moved from was a five bedroom house - Cape Town to London. Anyway.

So fat at the moment. I need to pull myself together. I am staying in this weekend. Spending sometime working... writing. Will have a lovely weekend next weekend. Spend it with some people. I have been considering volunteering at an animal shelter, so I can play with some cats... Insane how much you can miss a friendly furry. Such a fat sap. :(

Love & Cuddles
Xo Xo


Gabrielle said...

Pretty Little Liars is amazing thinspo, especially Spencer. She has the most insane figure and looks good in everything.

I'm a follower but I rarely comment, just wanna say I'm always here for moral support! Plus I am a fellow Londoner, woo :) And we seem to have pretty similar stats... except your current weight is my goal weight haha :)

Lots of love

WinterA said...

I have been wanting to watch pretty little liars. I keep hoping they will put it on netflix so I can watch it commercial free. I did see the 1st episode and I like it. my fav is the girl who is a lesbian. Can't remember her name but I like her.

Walls are so thin now downs in flats and apartments. Don't know why. I can sometimes hear my neighbors dog barking as I am sure they can hear me and my husband having sex.( I feel bad for them to have to hear that )

How come you don't have a cat anymore? My husband has been begging me to get one but I am like not at the moment. Maybe when we get a house.

Breathe~ said...

heeeey i just satrted waching Pretty Little Liars too ^^ and yoru right amazing thinspo..
Good luck with everything hun <3 Stay strong
Breathe ~

Katie Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your new flat. And that you got your glasses. That's awesome! Have a great day sweetie.

Skinnyy Lovee said...

I'm new on blogspot, so hi (:
But I needed to comment here... it can't be just me... see my friends think the liars are just so skinny etc, and you do to. And I'm not ana, I have just got eating issues. I think? ha... but..

Kay, don't you think Spencer is the only thinspo on that show? And MAYBE Jenna? Because in all honesty, Aria's quite chubby, and Hanna and Emily are downright fat. :L

I'm sorry, I feel like a bitch now, it's just I can't stop thinking it and.. never mind, sorry, love your blog btw!