Sunday, June 24, 2012


Oh my fucking god, I have the worst client in the world that is driving me nuts. He has a poster presentation and he just can't figure out what he wants from the poster. So I have redesigned it like... four times now over the course of today. So mutha fucken frustrating I could kick a small animal right now. Okay, that's such a lie. But it's very frustrating. :( My mouth is feeling ever so slightly better today, not like i had a lot to eat mind you (win!), but it's not half as bad as on Friday. Holy balls. I am so broke till the end of the month, which is great motivation for not eating too much. Today, I had a sweet potato roasted into wedges with tomato ketchup. According to my calorie counter I am about 300 cals today, which seems daft. I think i may have an orange though, for some vitamins, you know. :) And i want some tea. So my total for today is likely to be around 400, which is still fabulous. So today will be the fourth day in a row that i haven't binged and I should be able to keep it up until at least next week friday. My fabulous new biker jacket arrived in the mail today, it's a size 8 but quite toight I must say, no putting on weight in that jacket. I lost my other fabulous jacket when I got so drunk two weeks ago. No more drinking piggy. I chatted to a friend last night that's been through AA and he suggested that I try go to a meeting every night for the first month, so I am going to go on Wednesday and see how it goes after that.

I finished my business plan today and sent the website stuff off to my developer, so hopefully I will have a site in the next week or two. Which is fabulous also. So much fabulous. Something is up with the boy, I haven't really heard from him in two days and I'm worried that he's sick or something, because he thinks I will worry myself into a panic. Anyway. Thanks for the love and support as always. <3

Love & Tea
Xo Xo


WinterA said...

I would be mad too. You think we it comes to a big purchase, investment or advertisement people would know what they want. I can understand changing your mind once or twice but 4 times is just crazy.

My sister had this crazy lazy at her job that changed her mind of what color kitchen cabinets she wanted 8 times in a span of 3 hours 0_o what the heck is wrong with these people?

Have you called the boy to see how he is doing? I use to feel weird not talking to my husband for more than a day when were dating.

Sorry to hear about the money troubles. I dislike not having money. It's why I also stock up on food and yet my husband thinks I am over reacting. That is why I overstock, for when I don't have any money. Plus need to keep the healthy food in stock so I wont be temped to buy junk.

thrash_unreal said...

help me out? I would appreciate your input