Saturday, June 9, 2012

What about a tea and fruit fast?

I think this is the best idea I have ever had. OMG yes we can. I am feeling so de-energised from being so bored without much work to do and having been eating really yukkamamma carbs lately that my stomach is in knots and I feel like a pregnant upright porpoise. It's so gross. I got this dress that I ordered a week ago today, which is this really hot dark pink bandoo dress which I am not too pregnant looking to wear. It's because I've been stoning a little, so I mean yes, it causes the munchies, but I am SO unhealthy at the moment. So this is the plan until next week Friday. And I am going to be strict. STRICT STRICT STRICT. The plan is unlimited green tea or peppermint tea all day. As much as I want... and water of course. Then an apple or pear for brekkie, lunch and dinner. So three a day maximum and because I am a weakling, a cup of coffee with honey and a dash of milk. Will weigh in tomorrow morning for a start to all this. If the weight is not too disgusting I will post it, but I have a feeling it is very very bad. Dread. I've been chugging down green tea today in a hopes of purging this disgusting food from my body. I know I can do this, because I know I can have enormous will power. Now that I am getting settled, I need to focus on my career to get my writing a bit further along. Hopefully this detox will go well. Also... no booze till next weekend. No piggy. No No No.

Isn't this girl beautiful? I wish I looked like her. I need my hair to be more blonde.

Tea & Apples
Xo Xo


WinterA said...

I think that fast sounds very doable. I mean at least you get to eat something. For me fruit is so filling and it kills my sweet tooth if I have any. Plus most fruits are made mostly of water.

Sorry if I am not saying much my head is killing me at the moment.

Judith Marie said...

I think that sounds like a good idea. I tried to do something very similar this week in that all I was allowed was one meal that consisted of a bunch of green leafy veges. I think I probably lost weight on it, except it made me completely constipated and I haven't been to the bathroom all week. I weighed myself and I'm 2lbs heavier than the start of last week...but I'm going to put that down to the fact that I just haven't gone. I would probably find that I've lost if I took some laxies... I think you will be quite successful. I'm going to be drinking as much tea as I can next week. I was told that if you drink a big cup of water before each meal, you fill up faster. and it works, except that you get hungry again real fast. Still, it helps and with discipline, it does facilitate weight loss.
Nice to hear you a bit more upbeat my pretty lady.

Breathe~ said...

I did a Papaya and Green tea fast and it went really well for me.
I originally planned it as a 3 day fast but I extended it in the end and did it for a week, and I felt pretty good ^^ really clean and light afterwards.

Im thinking of doing a fruit fast again ^^
I think its a good idea :)
Stay strong beautiful xx


Sparkle Spaz said...

That sounds like a great idea! Just remember to stay hydrated and take a multivitamin to give you some of those vitamins and minerals to keep you energized all day ;-) Good luck with your diet! Sounds really good!

The Secret Me said...

That sounds like a great idea!!! Keen to do this myself!
also I just started reading your blog! love it x