Sunday, October 14, 2012

Elton John is ALL you need...

You know, when I'm having a shitty day, like today. Elton John is all I need. And what this involves generally is putting on the greatest hits album, cranking up the heating so that underwear dancing is possible and dancing round and round like Edie Sedgewick on crack to b b b Bennie... Bennie and the Jets. I can't say that it takes my problems away, but what it does do is give me a certain optimism about my life that says. You are not that sad. You are not THAT pathetic. In fact. You are just fine. And the reason behind this madness is because a friend of mine is in London for six weeks and instead of wanting to hang out with me, he wants to hang out with my bitch polish whore 'friend' who is an asshole. I say friend, because I don't know what else to call her. I spend weeks, months on end not talking to her until she has a crisis and then I put aside my feelings and help her out until next she pisses me off. She is a total control freak. Like, she gets pissed off if I don't immediately reply to her messages and tells me that she can see when I read my messages and where am I, what am i doing. She makes me feel like a dog on a leash. And that is not okay. Anyway, so last night we were all meant to go to a party together but I slept till about 4pm due to my lovely insomnia which kept me up till 11am yesterday. So she started screaming at me about not replying to her messages so I told her to go fuck myself. And he, he made plans to go to the party with her instead of asking me what I was doing. Now I know this is stupid, but a) he doesn't know her at all, b) he is MY friend and c) why can't she make her own friends. Anyway, so fuck them both. I blocked them on whatsapp. I don't care. And this morning I saw on facebook that they went on the new cable car by Greenwich which means two things, either they are now besties which I doubt. Or he fucked her. Which is more likely, cuz he is a dog. And dudes, I just laugh. Gross. She is desperate and pathetic and has always been jealous of my abilities to make friends. Because her friends are all lame and boring. Anyway, ELTON JOHN! B b b bennie!

And thats all for today. I'm going to fetch my running shoes today so I should be able to get my ass into gear as far as exercising goes. YAY! And I've also decided that I want to get some Thinz (I don't know if ya'll have heard of or tried this, but it is EXCELLENT) and live on weetbix 100 cal bars. Which means that I am going to allow myself 3 of these a day with some fruit and coffee/tea. I think its a great plan since these are fortified with vitamins and shit, as well as being carby and whatever. So it will all be good.

Love & Elton
Xo Xo


The Lovely Bones said...
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The Lovely Bones said...

I'll try and comment on the right post this time, sorry about my random comment before, my computer has a mind of it's own. I hope you're okay, you're 'friend' sounds like she's just jealous of you because she doesn't have as many friends as you do.
Hope you're okay, take care.

ruby-tuesday said...

I discovered my love for Elton John when I went in to treatment for the first time. His songs got me through some really tough times.
My favourite song is 'daniel'.

Take care x