Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The disgust continues...

With myself that is. My legs are enormous. My face is enormous. My stomach is enormous. My ass is enormous. My thighs, oh my god my thighs. That aside things are going very well. Even in my immensely non-compus mentus state that I was in yesterday, I managed to stick to about 700 cals. Today has been... about 300. It has consisted on three cups of coffee (a landslide of tea), a plum, a petits filous and a whole bunch of asparagus. All things considered. It could have been a fast, but hell. I would rather have a low cal day than fucking up a fast, because as we always say - when it rains, it pours. 

In other news. I have managed to get through most of the work that I had to do today, I just need to conclude. I have to do it tonight though. But then it is still early. And then tomorrow, I can lie in and watch lots of awesome series. Okay, so my social life has pretty much gone to shit. But I have good excuses I swear. I am going to make an effort to get out more and do things that don't involve partying. I hate sitting here and thinking about how everyone I know is having an awesome time. And I am just lame. I work, watch series and sleep. I've really been thinking that it may be time to actually seriously consider dating again. But I'm not sure tbh if I have the energy or desire to find someone. I mean, I have become pretty good at being by myself. I just need to see I guess. It just seems like SUCH efforttttt. I'd rather have a bunch of good friends to go out and get drunk with. But since I'm still not drinking (3 weeks now), that's not really a solid plan.

I think I have a crush though on a friend of mine. The kind of crush though that you keep to yourself, because if you actually had to go there, it would spoil the whole thing. Like he annoys me immensely, but I love the idea of him. Keep that shit to myself... and well. You lot now. AHAHA. This post has been such rubbish. Enjoy my verbal defecation... which is gross. But you know, word vomit. 

Love & Filous
Xo Xo

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Sam said...

I am not one that should be spewing love advice but I say seize the moment! You don't know what can happen if you never try. Now I'm not saying profess your love or anything but ask him out. Be crazy and daring!