Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fasting Forgetskis

So, as I said in my post last night I am fasting today and I am 5 hours in and I am already finding myself needing to blog about something random to try and get myself through it. It has been such a long time since I last fasted and I have completely forgotten how hard the first day is. I don't actually think it is because i am actually hungry or feeling lethargic, it is a mental block that I have towards the idea of fasting, i.e. i know i can't have food, therefore I want it SO bad.

Anyway, let me have a cup of tea and hopefully keep the willpower. Be expecting a lot of blogs in the next two days to get me through these fasts. Ladies, I think it's time to bring back the fasts. The time is nigh.

Love & Peace
Xo Xo


désespérée de maigrir said...

Haven't commented in quite a while my dear, but I just woke up and decided that after reading your post yesterday, I will fast with you today. Solidarity.

I'm, 6 hours behind you, I think, but I'll complete today... tea, coffee, water and 0-calorie liquids... just what I need.

Anonymous said...

I'm so weak. I could probably never manage a fast. Good luck. You've done it before so I know you can do it again.

Beth said...

I'm starting a fast tomorrow, I'm hoping to go until saturday morning, but if I can't last that long I'm just going to keep going as long as possible. Good luck on yours too! <3

Lethora Ana said...

Starting a fast today as well! Good luck! (:

strivingtobeskinny said...

I'm fasting too! Good luck! The first two days are always hardest for me because the first day I have motivation and the second day I notice all of the food around me. You can definitely do it [:

That Girl said...

I'm fighting so hard just to do an 24 hour fast. Especially because my parents are watching closely what I eat.. Horrible! I really wanna do a 48 hour fast with liquids only. Loving tea because let's face it; water can be a bit boring! But you are so right ! We need to begin fasting again. It will remove you from plateaus, make you happy, empty and strong !
Xoxo Jo