Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween :) ... and for the first time in my life, I haven't had a single piece of candy today, no chocolate, no junk food crap. Today has been a Coco filled day of about 500 cals with lots of lovely getting thinness in the air. I am going to do a proper weigh in tomorrow morning and hopefully the results will be lovely. I am having an overwhelming craving for meat at the moment... Like meat balls, or a big juicy steak with some rocket and parmasan. But I must persevere. No binging, no junk fooding. I have a friends birthday thing on friday, part of which is a hog roast at some restaurant. My goal is to not eat anything with oil and carbs. Hopefully by doing that and eating e'rrrrrr so little I will be able to avoid a gain. Also... there will be drinking for the first time in about a month. WWCD - What would coco do? She is going to stay civilised. Only drink white wine or whiskey and soda. And go home at a reasonable time, because I'm moving the next day.

DUH! Moving. In three days, I will be in my new flat. And the kicker of course is that I haven't started packing at all yet. Not to mention the fact that I won't have internet the first five days that I am there. Which is going to suck massive balls. BUT anyway. At first I was afraid...

Love & Coco
Xo Xo


Katie Elizabeth said...

Congrats on not binging on any chocolate. Halloween is that hardest time of the year with sweets being my weakness. I hope your move goes smoothly and you will be happy in your new flat.
XOXO Katie

Judith Marie said...

Yeah pretty lady, I'm about to get my scotch and soda on, which is meaningless coming from me because that's what I said about tonight and I ended up doing whiskey shots instead. huh.
Good luck with your move, and will miss you for those 5 days!

Loopy Lucie said...

Good Luck :) You can do it! Vodka and diet coke is low in calories. xx

Emily Anonymous said...

Yay! Good job with Halloween. The only reason I got through it is that at college no one seems to care enough to give out candy.

Birdy Thin said...

Yes! I hate/love Halloween lol. By the way I am new and I love your blog! I hope all is going well for you. Please check out my blog when you can

Thanks xoxo

Anonymous said...

FFS I just wrote the most epicly long comment that has EVER been written and stupid fucking bastarding Blogger just ate it. WHY IS IT SO GREEDY?

Anyways, I just read your entire blog like some kind of creepy lesbian stalker and you are now my new personal hero.

Hope all is ok,

Lalalalala laters,

Picnic x

désespérée de maigrir said...

Hope your move is going well! Pictures when you're settled?