Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Measurements and Progress

Yesterday turned out to be an almost fasting day. I had an apple, a cup of coffee with fat free milk and 3 cups of green tea. Loads of water. Today, so far I have had 2 cups of coffee with fat free milk, a cup of tea with fat free milk, one cup of green tea, 5 glasses of water and an apple. I am going to wait till dinner now and have some soup that I planned to have yesterday. Feeling pretty hungry, but I need to be my goal weight in just over 3 weeks and 11 pounds aren't going to lose themselves. Hoping to break 140 by the end of the week! Then it's just 8 to go!

So today I weighed in at 65kgs flat - 143lbs. My waist is 76cm/29 3/4'', hips are 89cm/34 3/4'', bust is 86cm/ 33 3/4'', neck is 35cm/13 3/4'', thigh is 54cm/21''. Don't know how much I have lost, this is my first measurements. But it a solid 15kg's loss or 33lbs since the bgegiining which I am proud of. Oh and my bmi is 21.

The whole purpose of this weight loss frenzy to get to my goal is for a festival I am going to. Every year I go this thing and ever year, I am one of the fat pale girls that walk around in t-shirts and jeans, because I am too fat to be bikini clad and sexy. NOT this year. This year I will only wear a bikini, so help me! I want my bf to think I am sexy too. He get's hit on all the time by these girls that could be models. Me? Fat. Ugly. Anyway, in honour of this challenge, bikini thinspo (and a bit of gwen thrown in, because she is hot!). I have decided that my reward for getting to my UGW is going to be blonde hair. By the end of the year hopefully.

Thanks for the support. Thinking thin. 132, 132, 132, 132. Everytime I think of eating, I think how horrible it will be to be fat at that festival again. It won't happen. And I have a wedding this weekend, so hopefully will be 140 for that. :) :) I have a lovely selection of dresses to wear for the occasion. Peace & Respect XoXo

Thanks Beth for the comment :) :) And yay I have followers. :) :) It's becoming summer here now, can't wait to reach my GW so I don't have to hide.

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