Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yay - Kinda

couple of things on my mind today... Firstly, I don't want to be muscular skinny. I just want to be thin. Like fairy thin. So been thinking that weights and strength exercises are probably not good. Gonna stick to cardio I think. I went for a 5k run yesterday and fell in the first ten minutes and grazed my hands and knee open. SO embarrassing. I also didn't run the whole way, because fat girls are not fit. Fuck it. Glad that I did run though, because I cracked yesterday afternoon and ate about 1400 calories. Probably more. So I went for the run and didn't eat anything from about 3pm.

Yay though. I am 1lb down from yesterday. AND I cracked the 65 mark. I now weigh 64.7. Only 10lbs to go for my goal weight! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Makes me so happy. My second thought today is that I wish my hair would grow faster! I need to have long long hair! Any suggestions to make my hair grow faster and be thicker would be amazingly welcome.

The last thing that is on my mind is why I can't talk to people about my problems. It's like I feel like if I have to tell people my issues and how I feel, I am drawing attention to myself. This whole issue is obviously one of those things. Anyway. I dunno. I don't think I'd ever be able to tell my bf about my little secret. Saying that I am pretty sure he is becoming aware of it and doesn't want to know. I'm sure he just wants a pretty, perfect, tiny girlfriend. Not that I will ever be tiny, because I am nearly 6'. I don't think he cares or wants to know how I will get to perfect.

He just got out the shower and is getting dressed in front of me. Eye-candy! :D :D Because all I want is lovely long hippie locks, today's thinspo is all about the hair.

My hair is probably about two inches from my nipples, so it's not exactly short. It just needs to be longer. Much much longer. It looks better when I straighten it anyway, which makes it look even longer. Only 22 days till I need to be at my goal weight. It's 1lb per two days, which is definitely do able. I am so excited to be thin! Well, we shall see how I look when I am at my goal weight before deciding if I need to go any further.

My skin has been looking like ass on a pony lately. Don't know what that is about. Still got the wedding this weekend, but I think if I can get to 140 (2lbs) by then, it will be fine. At least I will look better in the pictures. DON'T you hate how weddings always involve fucking hundreds of photographs!

Love, Respect & Skinny Thoughts

P.s. In three weeks when I reach GW, I will post pics! I am so pale though, but hell I'm gonna do it! :) :)

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FatBitch said...

Hi! If you want your hair to grow faster, you should consider taking pre-natal vitamins. The extra vitamins are supposed to help your hair grow. Also, don't skimp on the lean lean protein, high protein content per calorie. You could try eating more eggs - with the yolk, though... the fat in the yolk is really good for you. I was vegetarian for years.. only recently started eating fish. Omega-3s will make you smarter. And as long as you know that it came from a good place, personally, I think it's okay. Protein is really important. You might want to look into how much you should be getting a day. I count calories, protein, and fiber just to be sure. Hope this helps!! :)