Friday, September 23, 2011

Weird Thought

So everyone hates that thin girl right? The one that puts away allllll those cookies and food, but never gets fat? Maybe, she has an ED? Maybe she goes home and purges. I mean, how many people know about ED's. Pretty much no one. Maybe they think we are the skinny bitches. The secret lives of obsessive restricters.

Anyway, not much to report. He is under a lot of stress with work, I really need to get a job so I can help support us. God alone knows when that will happen. I feel so useless and helpless, why can't I help him? I just need a job that isn't horrible. BUT so many of them are. I love him so much, I just want to help, but all I am is useless and miserable. Decided to stop that today. To clean the house and make him a nice dinner. But it's a friends home coming party today, so dinner won't happen. OR maybe it will. :)

Got on the scale and I'm 142. Woop! 9 to go :) :) Two weeks, 9 lbs. Let's do it! I'm all legs baby! HAHA. Kidding. Yesterday was good. I had two apples and some soup. He bought me veggie spring rolls and made me eat them in front of him, but they are super high in fat, but not that high in cals. So ended up around 500 anyway, which i'm happy with :)

New followers - yay :) :) Welcome. Thanks for the support.
Love & Peace
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a friend of ana said...

thank you for the comment :-) i always wonder if people know about EDs too... i feel like i can always spot one but can other people?
congrats on the loss!!
<3 stay strong!

Weightless said...

yeah I think when it comes to eating disorders people are truly naive, in my head I think "takes one to know one"
and good job on the weight loss, bet it feels great <3

Sophie said...

I've always wondered the same thing! I think I come across as that girl- or at least I used to. Its so strange but so true. Congrats so far. Your doing really well!

Bella said...

Humans are very oblivious to anything that makes them uncomftable. So instead of thinking "Does she throws up her food or something?" thye'd reather think "Wow, she can just eat and eat without gaining a pound!". We are a rather stupid race...

Good luck with finding a job! And congratulations on the weight-loss! Keep it going girl!
Stay strong!

dayofmine said...

People really don't know anything about EDs. When someone immediately picks up on it then I know I'm talking to someone who has gone through it themselves or has had some sort of psy education. Most people are just completely clueless.

I'm your newest follower btw!


Stay strong!