Thursday, September 29, 2011


 So down another lb today. Whoop. I realise that 1lb a day is good. BUT I wish I could lose faster. I mean really. I have pretty much nothing to report today. Ate very little yesterday. Didn't eat till I got to my sisters which was a little bit of veggie curry (no milk, cream, butter or oil) and a bit of salad. Which consisted of tomato, cucumber, lettuce and a tiny bit of feta cheese (literally 2 blocks). I would estimate that my intake yesterday was around... maybe 300? Definitely not more than 500. I slept so badly last night with nightmares and mid sleep nausea. I think my body is just getting used to emptiness.

So far today I have had a pot of veggie mush (160) and some coffee. Going to have an apple later I think and some veggies and fish for dinner so intake will be about 500. Which I'm happy about.

Him and I spoke last night about what's bugging him. He says work, but I know I have something to do about it. He has this friend who always tries to kiss me when he's drunk or feel me up and has caused quite a scene before in front of him. He came round this morning for something or other. It's weird. And I feel guilty for talking to him or spending time with him, because of the drama he has caused with bf.

Speaking of Awkward, I have just discovered the series Awkward. WHAT an amazing show. Thanks for all the comments on my last post. That dumb fucking bitch can go fuck herself. Asshole. But you all made such a valid point - those bitches are everywhere and maybe she thinks i'm an asshole - I am like a foot taller.

OH and the title of the blog - the beach I always surf at - there was a shark attack there yesterday, where a swimmer ignored the shark warning and went swimming anyway. A great white attacked him and bit off both his legs. Kinda his own fault. Still so shitty. I shan't be surfing at that beach this summer. Fuck that.

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

p.s. Back on my ballet thinspo! <3 <3 <3


Anonymous said...

Aaaaahhhhhhh I love awkward!!! Its totally my new favorite show! I wish I had Jennas life mines so boring. Congrats ln the pound! I no weight loss goes by so slow but its more lasting that way I guess. Ohhh Idk... :)

Sophie said...

I adore ballet thinspo! And congrats on the pound. every little bit counts :) Your doing super well so keep it up and stay out of the water :) <3

Sam Lupin said...

Amazing intake! :'o
I miss feta cheese. I'm banning cheese from myself because it's too calorific. Even my feta cheese because if I let myself have it, I will overdo it.
My body just snaps to sleep whenever I masturbate (oops. Too much info) but seriously. xP
That plan actually sounds yummy.
Fucked up is right. I don't know how you women deal with all this boy drama. It's why I'm attracted to women!
I actually hate ballet thinspo. xD. Weird much?
Good luck, FP! <3 You can totally do this, my dear.