Thursday, September 22, 2011

Schmeh Schmeh

Blurg schmeh blaardy blah blah bleeeeggg meh mmm. Stop.

So still slightly euphoric about yesterday and still in somewhat of a decent mood. Had a mini-freak out earlier, because I am starting to think that my bf may be ... "looking around". This of course is probably just my own insecurities. But I thought he was at our neighbors house earlier, because his car was here but he wasn't and he always goes on about how hot and awesome she is, so yeah - panic. He was out with a colleague on work business. Whoops. I covered though and said that I was worried he got mugged or something. SUCH lies.

Yesterday was okay - ended up just under 700. I was actually only 300 but then I had my very first fresh coconut and after all the effort he went to to open the bleeding thing, I couldn't say no. Very underwhelming - fresh coconuts. Blah blah blah.

I actually went to class this morning - pure economic loss - blah blah more BLAHHHHHH - only because I had a test, which I am pretty sure I did reasonably well in. I want to say aced, but I don't want to jinx it - BLAH. We are supposed to go sailing this weekend, which means bikinis. So pretty much not going to eat till then, but again, he is getting a bit anxsy about me not eating, so i'll chug some soup - or "whoaaaa I ate so much just before you got home - whoaaaa I'm so full - nahh thanks babe, I ate so much this afternoon I couldn't possibly eat any more."

Trying not to think about my cancer bullshit - what ever is going on with that. BLURG BLAH BLAH suck fest. I think I am going to nap. To all who have commented on or are following my blog, thanks so much for the support, I really appreciate it. I have an hour a day dedicated to my blog reading, and I lurv it. It really is awesome to have some support for all this nonsense, where everyone in life doesn't understand. They just think that I need to eat, eat, eat or get over it 'cuz you are thin.' Bullshit.

Strength. Courage. Love. Peace.
X o X o

p.s. A little taste of gymnast thinspo, cuz I am obsessed with gymnastics, despite being too fat and unflexible, but I love it.

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Shrinking Violet said...

Yeah been there with my bf before, freakd out about him and I cover up with something else.Just found your blog today, yay:)