Friday, May 4, 2012

Exhausted Piggy!

Well today was a huge fuck up. I had dinner with my surrogate family which involved veggie curry, rice, nan bread, pappadoms, strawberries with ice cream, a g & t and some other miscellaneous nibbles. Fuck fuck. I know we always use this as an excuse but I had to. They are good friends with my mom back home and I've been telling her I've put on weight. So I told them all the London walking is the cause of my weightloss - they haven't seen me in a while, so I tried to eat a normal amount so they'd not worry. So yes, I am sure I had at least 2000 calories today *cry* however to try and mitigate the shit I did walk quite a bit and I power walked home and ran up stairs to try burn some off. I'm sure that it will be fine, but alas, I have ANOTHER dinner tomorrow. So I am not going to eat until dinner like I did today, also minimal alcohol and loads of walking.

I am still on the hunt for a flat. I found one in Canning Town that I LOVE. It's not quite the right area, but it is AWESOME! Anyway, I tried to phone to make a viewing appt but they didn't answer or call me back. I finished the shiton of work I had to do, but now I must start all over again tomorrow. But for right now. It's bed.

Fat & More Fat...
Xo Xo

**EDIT: Ah ha ah ha! I have figured out my dining dilemma tomorrow. I shall only have water with lemon slices. NO alcohol. And since I picked the menu - pea and ricotta ravioli, mustard crust salmon with polenta and vanilla creme brullee - I could figure out how much of what I could eat. So basically to stay under 1000 (!!! Still high, BUT better than today's DISASTER!!!) I can eat 5 ravioli no sauce. No more than five. About 200 cals. The salmon without the crust or any polenta. Another 200ish. And three bites - Victoria Beckham style - of the creme brullee. I can in fact be under 600 if I stick to that. But I shall see how my willpower manages at the dinner. PLAN! I plan to take really small bites, take super long eating and chew it at least 30 times per bite. ***


Charlie said...

I'm sorry you feel so awful about your intake today. :( Sometimes we need high-calorie days... I actually lost weight after one once.
Good luck on finding a flat! I hope you get an amazing one. :) <3

Alice said...

What she said^^^ said is pretty much true. That same thing happened to me and I ended up losing a few times. Dont worry about it too much! Best of luck!<3

Kate said...

I love ravioli! I dont think i could trust my self to have so little of it so I just dont have it :(

Love your blog :)following, check out mine too x

Too Fat for Words said...

It's ok to have bad days infront of people it will help you in the long run when you don't have to explain yourself and get people suspicious.

London is great for walking isn't it, you can walk everywhere! I've even done the tube stairs in central london on few of my crazier days :)

Good luck for dinner tomorrow night.