Saturday, May 26, 2012

Les Miserables

Yesterday totally turned into a binge day, but to be fair, I was feeling a little mopey about my boy. But hell. I told him that I don't want to speak to him for a week, so that I can make up my mind whether I want him in my life. He seems like a constant source of negativity for me. Thus far, not having him as mine has had little tangible impact. Besides me wanting to talk to him, because I LOVE talking to him it has been mostly okay. I have been chatting to lilypad again, he's been helping me through it. But I am feeling strong and a lot of that has to do with the lovely support that you guys gave me on my previous post, so thanks a lot for that. It does really help. At the moment I feeling a little isolated, because I don't have money to go out, but that will change next week thank god.  OH YES, I also found a flat. It's just a studio, but with my boy not coming here anymore, it doesn't actually matter, because i'm cool with it. I'm enrolling in a circus course thing, like flying trapeze type thing, cuz I've always wanted to do that. Shit, I've been working since 6am this morning. SO tired, but still have a bunch more work to do. Tomorrow, I am going to take the day off and chill... maybe. 

Anyway, ENOUGH of that. Something I have been thinking about is how people think that being skinny is the easiest thing. Like, oh you can eat whatever you want, you are SO skinny. LIES. LIES. LIES. I am slimmer because I don't eat whatever I like. I don't eat bread or pasta, carbs in general. I don't eat meat and fish and chips and hamburgers or pizza. Tacos burritos I can think of a billion things that I don't eat and that's why I am the way I am. I want these things so badly that I dream about them, but I don't eat them. I sacrifice. Weight loss = sacrifice. Do you think Coco or Posh eat burgers? No. No, they do not. 

Todays intake so far has been a punnet of strawberries, a petits filous, coffee with honey. I am limiting myself to one tablespoon of honey per day, so three cups with honey. I have had two so far and one more for later. Then after I finish my next assignment, I am going to have tomato and basil soup (or carrot and coriander) with a petits filous pudding cup, which should bring my total to just under 600. I may need to work out if i can have the pudding cup, but i'll do that with my calorie tracker later. It should be fine. :) :) Cuz then I get pudding too. What a dream. Then to bed, because I want to get all my work done by tuesday, so I can party like a rockstar next weekend. Being jubilee weekend and all. 

Love & Pudding Cups
Xo Xo


Katie Elizabeth said...

I hope things start looking up for you hun. Keep your head up. Great intake!!

Anonymous said...

The boy obviously isn't worth you ! I agree being thin is all about sacrifices ! Keep positive <3

Judith Marie said...

Pretty lady,
To be honest, I'm glad the boy isn't coming. Like you said, he's a source of negativity for you. Go get your hot piece of ass out there and find yourself a matching hot piece of English ass.
And yes, I also hate when people assume losing weight is,all you have to do is not eat. It is so not that easy! Permanent cravings galore! Which is probably why I'm not losing that much weight.
Great to hear you found a place, there's nothing wrong with a studio, I've always wanted to live in one and I so will in a few years!
As always, nice calorie intake!

M. said...

Hey Men are useless I'm getting convinced God is a women. Also instead of eating why not try a new workout like the army ones are cool they make you feel like screaming "I'm a soldier against hurt bitches" but anyhow good Calories I'd never have that kind of self control I'm not a pig but I'm not a cow either lol but have you tried morningstar Pasta 230 in calories if you eat half and have a dressingless salad it the best of both world in my option.
Keep Up the good Work!

WinterA said...

You are so right about that. I know it is hard work being skinny although some lucky bitches have it in their genes.

Wow that is a lot you have cut out. I am not sure if I could ever do that. I have tried but it never lasts long.

I know you work hard and I do tell people not to judge. You never know what a person is going threw.

Camille said...

Keeping it under 600 is a mighty feat!

And I've actually read that a little bit of honey per day is good for you! So I'm glad you're still incorporating it into your meals :)

Jinx ANA UnRiddled said...

Thats great! About the flat, and everything - awesome intake btw! I'm practically on a juice fast atm, from 11pm friday to monday night. Woo!
And really!? The circus?! I wouldn't have the guts, but that's amazing! Good on you :D
Plus, I know what you mean about the skinny thing. My mum reckons "you can eat whatever you want, and you don't get fat - haven't you notice?" Uhhh, no mum, I ate whatever I wanted, and gained until half my clothes went in the bin. That's why dieting is so hard, because my mother is convinced I'm skinny. But she's not the one looking in the mirror with tears.

I'm so jealous of you. congrats and good luck!