Monday, May 21, 2012


So, a few weeks ago I was called by some woman that got my pic from a hostess job that I applied for and she asked me if I wanted to do a testshoot for her agency. I was like 'heeelllllllllllllllllz yeah mutha fucker' but then after thinking about it, I turned it down... Well. I cancelled it, because I don't need to feel fat, like really. I don't need that. Anyway, so the dude from the studio called me this afternoon to confirm my shoot for tomorrow. So I was like, dude serial. I cancelled that. Like wtf? Anyway, so now I have a test shoot tomorrow. And I am SO nervous. And of course, murphy's law. I ate almost 3oz of pringles before he called. So today my intake has been a cup of coffee with a bit of honey, two pudding cups, the pringles *sadpanda* and a whole lot of gazpacho soup. In total my cals are about 850 for the day. So I think I kinda saved myself. Anyway, so tomorrow it's peppermint tea, kiwi fruit and a petits filous before the shoot. And then soup for dinner. I can't be all bloated. God, and the pringles had so much salt. GOD, I'm going to look like a water retained whale. Whaddup Moby. Jesus. I don't know why I am doing this. I am busy painting my nails now. Going to do red with my ring fingers in pink. I thought it would look cute. I also have like NO clothes, because I just moved country. I bet they will just kick my ass out of the studio. Sorry little hippo - no wildlife allowed.

*sigh* Anyway, thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog. I have been without internet all weekend. It's just awful. Now I'm going to watch some top model and hopefully pick up some kind of posing tip so I don't look like a fucken migrant whale. *cry* Why do I get myself into these fucken messes. WHY OH WHY!?

Love & Tears
Xo Xo


Breathe~ said...

Awww honey, im sure you will be amazing <3 let us know how it went ^^ and good luck!! I would be soooo nervous if i were you
Stay strong! <3


WinterA said...

That is pretty exciting. I use to want to e a model and then like you said I didn't want to feel fat. I went to a couple of agencies and they told me I was too fat and too short. Yeah I gave up after that.

You got a test shoot which means they see something in you and that is awesome. You did a excellent job with your intake as usual.

I look forward to hearing how the test shoot goes.

Alice May said...

Yay that's so cool! I hope it goes well! Try not to worry about feeling fat and just be confident, or at least pretend :)
Good luck!
Alice xx

Katie Elizabeth said...

You will do amazingly. Keep your head up and stop beating yourself up.

Tatyana said...

You'll be just fine. Do it for the fun if nothing else. And yap, top model is good, I take like half of my life attitude from Tyra and the most useful advice I ever tapped in was "don't be scared to look ugly" now I finally have and see how good does it look when you can be natural in pictures. So at least I've learned to like my face occasionally.

You can do it hun. No one is not gonna sent hippo away - even though I love the way you said it *laughing*.

Stay positive!!

Emma said...

I'm sure you'll do just fine! ^_^ And who knows: it could be a ton of fun! hehehe!
That's great you were able to save yourself <3 I really, really need to drink more hot tea :p
Anyway, I hope tomorrow goes over fine for you! Take care love! <3

Miranda said...

You don't know unless you try right? I used to model. Just be yourself and be outgoing. You'll do fine.

Strawberry said...

You should definitely go and give them the best you've got :)

You'll be absolutely fine, they are obviously keen to see you. And remember, to woman asked you to go, so she obviously saw potential.

Best of luck xx

Jinx ANA UnRiddled said...

You'll be amazing!!!
Good luck and they WONT kick you out. Just one look and they'll be like DAYM! SEXY BEAST!! Haha, don't sweat it hon, they'll love you <3
And dude, at least it's under 1000! better than me recently.

Your fucking gawgus, go rock their world.

VictoriaCrimson said...

Good luck on the shoot! Drink water a few hours beforehand to flush yourself. You'll do great, you beautiful thing =)