Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Today has been largely successful. It's only 8.20pm though but lemme tell yall about it. Firstly, I only woke up at 2pm, so... not quite getting my sleep sorted out, but I got an urgent job to finish by tomorrow so it's a good thing because otherwise I'd have to sleep early. Now I can work through the night. Which I don't hate. I'm a nightowl anyway.

I went to the bank and it turns out my card got lost in the mail, so now I have to wait till Friday for another one, but I can withdraw money in the actual bank in the meantime, so I got enough for the week or so. Then I went food shopping which I hate because I buy more for my flatmate than I eat, so I spend all my money on him. Only one more month though and then I should have a place to myself.

I found this rad ass german franchise called Lidl which has everything SO cheap. So I got some mangoes from them and organic milk. Oh ja and also some pickled beetroot which I love, cuz it's a great healthy snack. And some coffee and honey. So I am allowing myself one cup of coffee with a teaspoon of honey a day. Well this depends on my overall cal intake. And some peppermint tea. Which I plan to drink like a boss. And some peanuts. I don't think i'll eat them. But maybe. Then I found this EPIC fruit seller that is selling a pound of strawberries for 99p. Which is 100g more than the other stores and half the price, so I bought 4 punnets of that. I plan to have one of those a day.

Today my cals are about 530. Including the punnet of strawberries that I haven't eaten yet. But I had my coffee with honey, cream of tomato soup (300!!) and two small kiwi fruits. Even though it is a little high, I'm happy with it. I have enough soup till sunday. Although I have a dinner tomorrow, so I need to try behave. But yes, today was fine. Hopefully I can keep it under 1000 tomorrow. These people eat ALOT of fat and carbs. Anyway, I think they said a braai, so there will prolly be meat. Meat and salad i'll do. I don't have the heart to tell them I don't eat meat. But once in a while. Won't kill me, although YUK! But still.

I need to get to work now, but I am feeling self sufficient and powerful today. I just need to find a place to live and I am A for away. Fucking BRILLIANT! ^_^

Work & Strawbs
Xo Xo


loveylou said...

hahahaha you should have seen my face when I read that, what in the world does it taste like?? it sounds pretty healthy though!!
goodjob on your intake girl! and the smart shopping and saving money! Keep up this feel good attitude it'll take you so far!
love always,

Zoie said...

sounds like a good day to me! stay strong xoxo

Katie Ehrlich said...

Sounds like you went healthy shoping and money savy =) Way to go!!

Beth said...

Lidl really does kick ass. I love the 10p tins of tomatoes. A whole tin, warmed and blended as soup is so tasty and can be as low as 40 cals for the tin. Its definately worth stocking up on them <3