Tuesday, May 8, 2012

There was a young lady from Leeds...

I feel like so much has happened in the last two days it's insane. The good news is that I have decided that I am moving to Leeds and going to do masters at Leeds University. So I'm going up at the end of the month to find a place to live for the beginning of July. Then I'm buying a car and getting another kitten with high priority once I am in Leeds. YAY! To answer the questions, yes I did just move to London but this place isn't for me. It's really big and busy. I'm just a small town kinda gal. You know? I am trying to convince the boy to apply to Med School over here. But I can only help him along so far. The rest he has to do himself...

I have an appointment on Monday to dye my hair... wait for it... PLATINUM blonde. I will definitely post pics once it's done. Before and afters of course. I have had so much work to do, I still have so much work to do. IT's INSANE. But I'm about to finish off and then sleep for five years, but no rest for the wicked as I have a two deadlines for Friday and an interview on Thursday that I need to prepare for. Yes, it's been really busy.

The bad news is that I totally binged yesterday. It was bound to happen I guess. But if I can prevent it from happening till next week then it will be okay since I am giving myself one binge day a week. Anyway, this is what happened. I went out yesterday to a Bowerbirds show in Shoreditch and when I was getting dressed, I was like hell yeah looking sexy. Felt like I looked SO skinny. But like. Then I went out and I felt like I looked the same as my friend - fat - and everyone else. Like even though I was looking skinny, no one was noticing me. So on the tube on the way home, after already fighting a trip into chicken cottage, I was miserable and just like 'what's the point' cuz it seems like no matter how much I starve I'll always be fat. And why can't I be happy fat like everyone else? So on the way home I stopped at the fish and chips shop. All I wanted was a chicken burger. But I ended up convincing myself to get dinner for my roomie also so got a chicken burger, a battered deep fried sausage, two fish cakes and a HUGE portion of chips with mayonaise. I devoured the burger while walking home. Like I went caveman on it. I'm so glad it was dark because people would have been disgusted if they saw how I was eating it. Then I ate half the sausage that I bought for my roomie and left the other half out for the foxes cuz the whole meat thing started making me feel ill. I took the batter off the sausage - no point in the foxes having a heart attack also. Then got home and ate as much as I could of the chips which wasn't too much as I was STUFFED by this point. Then I had one fish cake and a couple bites of mushy peas. Needless to say I felt absolutely disgusting. But it was kinda nice to not feel hungry for a little while, but then immediately missed it when I woke up this morning. I wish there was a way of doing this but NOT thinking about it all the time. Also, I've been dreaming non-stop about food. *sigh*

Anyway, my epic binge. *cry*

Fish & Chips
Xo Xo


Too Fat for Words said...

Exciting about leeds.. what are you going to study?

I had a completely rubbish day with food today too. Will definitely be back on track for tomorrow though, got to not be this fat its disgusting.

Completely understand what you mean about London, I'm from the city back home and it's still so daunting.

annamaria said...

I'm sorry London did not work out for you, I love it! I'm sure Leeds will be lucky to have you!!!

have lots of rest sweetie :)

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

Try and ignore your binge; you've just moved to a new country- and to the super busy capital! Can't wait to see your hair when its done :)

Love and hugs sweetie xxx

AstoriaC said...

really sad that you didn't like London! I'm actually moving there in august for 6 months and Im absolutely looking forward to it.

Also, don't beat yourself up over the binge..we all do it, it comes with the weight loss territory. And think of it this way, binge days are actually necessary and all of that food gives your metabolism the jump start it needs after having so little from the previous week.

Cant wait to see your hair!

Dylan Leigh said...

London is a dirty place to be. It's beautiful in a glassy sooty way.