Thursday, May 10, 2012

Red ED Bands

Just a quick update that I got all the red bands to send to you guys. I am having three hearts embossed onto them and they look like red livestrong bands. If you want to order one go to the page I made for it. Just to be clear, I'm not making a profit out of these at all. The cost just covers the band and postage. Other than that... I don't really think I have anything else to add. Send me a pic of you wearing it though and I'll upload it. Solidarity ladies. It's how we survive. And it's a nice reminded to look down and see the commitment.

Love & Hugs
Xo Xo


Atty said...

OH MY GOD YES!!!! PIGGY I LOVE YOU!!! You are my fucking idol! :D

Lila said...

I would love one whats the website to order one... I actually might get two :)

Anonymous said...

I love this idea <3
It definitely unites us all and gives us hope and a gentle reminder that we're not alone <3

lolita said...

can you send them all the way to Kenya? :P

Me Destruit said...

Ah I would LOVE one. How long will you have them available for? I don't deserve one yet :(

When I hit a decent weight, I want one though... Let me know =)