Friday, November 25, 2011

And so it's over.

We broke up last night...

... and then I punched a wall.

Tears & Anger
Xo Xo


Sam Lupin said...

dear FP,
as i eat this half bowl of cereal, i think of you. and that bastard of a boy you have. i truly hope he gets raped by monkeys and then tossed up in the lard of my Grandmother's devilishly delicious homemade bread and then i will take care of him and proceed to sit on his back whilst i watch reruns of Supernatural, Glee and House.
if he had not yet suffered then, i will skin him alive with my own bare hands and then replace his blood with my Father's tasteless low-fat pasta.
that is all.
love [instead of tears], and happiness and revenge [instead of anger],
-George DiCaprio

Your.Guardian.Angel said...

I am so sorry...I was hoping that things would have worked out between you two. If you need anything, let me know!
If you're not one of his main players and you're stuck on the sidelines, it's not worth being on his team.
You can pull through this!

Judith Marie said...

Oh hunny!!!
Even though a part of me always thought he wasn't nearly good enough for you, I hate that you are upset.
Look after yourself right now, and be angry and sad and whatever else you need to be. You'll find someone else, someone better and you'll go to London and be wonderfully happy.
I'm so sorry about all this. Chin up and be strong!

becca; said...

please look after yourself, lovely. i know it's hard right now, but there will be someone else in the future, xo.

Atty said...

Aww Piggy! I'm sorry!!

Jessie. said...

There's someone else out there; someone better and nicer and more suited for you.
You'll meet them one day, but until then there's going to be some asses and losers to weed through.
It'll be worth it though. :)

< 3

By All Means said...

oh im so sorry! your such an awesome person, and worth so much more, dont let him get you down girl <3

lulani said...

Fuck Him.
In the ass.
No lube.
With a pineapple