Saturday, November 5, 2011


I fasted yesterday. ^_^ YAY! But then I felt so sick and weak today, I had a serious nom nom fest. Which is okay, cuz if I can not eat today and then maybe a little tomorrow, cuz I have an exam on Monday morning, then that would be freakin' EPIC! Anyway, so had to dodge questions and food at my mom's house. "Are you EVEN eating." Jeez, leave me alone! And then the boy went to feed his mothers cats, because she is in Argentina and I stayed in because I wanted to spend time with him. He left at 7pm, got back at 10pm. So much for "quality time" so I just took some sleeping pills and passed out. So what, I don't need to depend on him. I'll get to my new LW. :) :)

This afternoon I ate a LOT, but saying that I need to alternate for the metabolism to stay high, so I'm not too concerned about it. I wish I hadn't, but I feel strong and alive again. STRONG & ALIVE! Shit with the boy is also tentative at best, but yet again - over it. AND exciting news, I applied for two jobs probably starting around January, but in the meantime I am going to help out my mother's fiance with some stuff until then as work. Which is great, because that means I won't have to take a shitty casual job AND it is right down the road from where I live. On the down side, I will be under his scrutiny all day and if I don't eat... you get the picture right?

My new lowest weight this morning when I weighed in was... *drum roll* 61.6kg or 135.8lbs! Yay! Which is so great. To answer Lulani's question, I am 178m/5'10''. So I am pretty tall. :) My BMI with this weight is 19.4. So excited to be etching toward 18! OMG. 18. 18!!!?? 18. Can't wait to go buy some new clothes, because I have like NONE that fit me. And go partying looking all fine. :) I really hope the other two jobs call for interviews, the one is really high paid. Government. Go figure!

Thanks for all the really supportive comments, I FUCKEN LOVE you all. And welcome to the new followers (over 100 now!? Damn!) I hope you find my blog to be interesting, or helpful... or something. I am going to create an email address soon, so that I can communicate with people via email. That would be cool. Dunno if anyone would be interested in that. OH and I TOTALLY promise that I WILL put up pics - full body typish ones when I reach 132. :) Cross my heart! And I'm going to put up a pic of my extremely gorgeous kitten, because I can and I LOVE him.

Peace, Love & Skinny Thoughts! :D
Xo Xo


becca; said...

well done! :) xo.

Anonymous said...

135.8lbs! Yay! Good for you!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you! Don't worry about this weekend because we will fast it all of Mon-Fri this week right!!!! I get the scrutiny thing though.. it's tough cause I want to be home visiting my parents and sister, but I just love the thought of being alone and able to fast 5 days in-a-row NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!
See you on the thin side!

Sam Lupin said...

AWESOME BABY. <3 *excited*
i'm glad for all the good news i'm just reading it so fucking quickly! *dance*
18!!! <3 SO CLOSE. SO CLOSE.
132 is just around the fucking corner!
*spazz* you killed me! <3
-Sam Lupin

Judith Marie said...

that is SO AWESOME! omg, with that BMI you must look so thin! can't wait to see your pics! I wish I could be dropping weight like you.

Jessie. said...

18?! Your BMI is almost 18?!
Lime green Jell-O, right hurrrrr!
So amazing! Go you! You rockkk! Thinspiration! :3

< 3

By All Means said...

Whoot! You go girl, your doing amazing!

Clear Girl said...

HOLY SHIT. As a fellow tall girl, that is really low! I'm 10 pounds heavier, but I'll catch up I promise :D
Keep it up!

lulani said...

Holy love nuggets!!! Congratulations, that BMI is EPIC!!!

Screw your boy, you're hot and you can do SO much better than this limbo bullshit he's got you in

but anyway, I digress

how frickin awesome, I'm SO happy for you!

A.beautiful.mess said...

Yay on new lowest weight :) I can't do fasts but I want to try restrict this week.