Monday, November 7, 2011

*Queue George Michael*


Right so starting with the obvious, I just wrote my last exam! Hello! Law Graduate. Assuming I passed, which I am sure that I did. My mind is just so useless, because of course I couldn't sleep last night so I have had about three hours and I am going to sleep right now!

I went to runway training yesterday and apparently I am 'shy' and my walk is stiff, so I am seeing the owner of the agency tomorrow morning to work on it. Yay :) But then I also have to renew my car license tomorrow and start my new job - which let me tell you - I am NOT looking forward to. But I should know by next week whether I am in the fashion show or not. So only time will tell if the runway prep pays off. It's not like I have a whole lot of space to practise in.

Then weight wise, I fasted yesterday with absolutely no desire to eat whatsoever, but then at about 10pm I just couldn't concentrate at all so I had a small salad of tomato lettuce and avocado - maybe 100 cals. If that. It was a small tomato, 30g of avocado and a handful of lettuce - I only ate about half of it as well. Then this morning I had probably about 80 cals of strawberries. WHO FUCKING KNEW STRAWBERRIES WERE LITTLE BALLS OF FAT!? Seriously. Anyway,  not important. I weighed 62.1 this morning. So hopefully I will be under 62 tomorrow, BUT I am having dinner at a mexican restaurant tonight, so there will be lots of food and drinks. OKAY so maybe 61 by Friday at the latest.

In other news I saw the mutha fucken stick insect with no soul this morning in our exam. And guess what, her amazing hair was fucking perfect and her stupid dumbo ears were tucked away and she is fucking skinny as ever. I hate her. It was so hot in our venue that I took off my hoodie and just had a vest underneath. I can say with reasonable certainty that people were staring at my fatness. Also, the Jewish princess wore CLOGS, yes CLOGS today. So her sashaying in cute ankle booties was only momentary. AND omg. She is rather large. I never actually looked at her, but damn. Although saying that, it may just be exam eating. Anyway, never have to deal with those mutha fuckers ever again. FREEEEDOM!!

Thanks for all the lovely comments. I will get round to commenting on everyone's blogs as soon as I have fucking had some sleep. Pretty sure it's all going to come tumbling down now with the boy, but I don't care. Runway here I come!!

Strength & Love
Xo Xo


Sam Lupin said...

The amount of mail I'll send you now that I'm off to the mall will be unbelievable. <3
LAW!!! :D
Goodnight, love. :) I'll annoy you when you wake up. :3 just drop me an email saying you did so I can send you some crap back and forth. ESPECIALLY MY FACE. I WANT TO SHOW YOU MY FACE DAMMIT
62.1kg <3
ITS FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY <--seriously, gotta get the weight down! ;)
now off to change before Mother eats me.

-Sam Lupin

Your.Guardian.Angel said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!! LAW GRADUATE!!!!!!!! Holy crap :D
I really look up to you, you know. I'm going to Med school soon, so knowing that there's someone like me graduating a graduate school gives me a TON of hope. You're awesome <3

A.beautiful.mess said...

I'm also a law graduate *high five*. And forgive me if I've made this link of both me and you doing law and high fived before. My memory sucks sometimes.

The night before exams, I usually get 3hrs sleep too which I'm never proud of but I never feel good if I get 7hrs sleep before an exam. I feel like I could have studied more.

But hell yeah on exams being over :)

Clogs - wtf seriously. Only little kids can pull that off and then only if they're cute.

Judith Marie said...

Law graduate! Holy crap you overachiever!!! Your brain cells deserve a good rest.

Wow, you are so skinny now, I don't think people were staring at your fatness, because I don't think you could possibly have any fatness to stare at?

Hope you get into the runway show! And good luck with the mountain of stuff that you are going to do.

I think you have to forgive exam weight. Some people really balloon during exams (like, I'm only saying this because I am one of those people who put on exam weight) lol. So I don't want to be too much of a hypocrite.

Jessie. said...

Ohmygawd, that's fucking AWESOME.
Weeewwwtttt. :3
And fashion show too?
Amazzzinnnggg. o:

< 3

lulani said...

Very cool, congratulations miss beauty and brains :)