Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fashion Show BOOKED!

I just had the most amazing day ever. Besides the fact that I ate enough mexican food and drank enough frozen margheritas last night to sink a small battleship and woke up all bloated and mexican and sick weighing in at a whopping 63kg.

I had an early appointment with the owner of the agency that I am with to learn how to walk for this big fashion show at the end of the month. It is the launch of the agency and they will select the models to walk in the show. Of which, I am now one. I perfected my walk which I now have to practise, but suffice to say that I am stoked. He also took my measurements, I am a LOT smaller than I thought I was. I must go buy clothing now that fits me. But I have told myself that I will only do this when I reach 58/128. He said that I have a haute couture look, so hopefully that will translate into modelling work. WELL paid modelling work.

Then I worked all day pretty much at the new job which is basically administrative work, which is fine for now because it allows me to do the modelling thing as well. I promise I will post pics when I reach 60/132. Hopefully by the end of the week. The boy is going away for Turkey on Saturday, so I plan to fast for at least 5 of the 7 days he will be away. Things with us are okay, I think. But I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

I got called for a casting at 3pm. I went there and was dismissed almost immediately because I am too short apparently. I am FUCKING 5'10''. WTF IS SHORT ABOUT ME YOU SONUVABITCH! Anyway, not phased. It was for a promotional thing. I want to be high fashion. Anyway rate myself much? The owner guy did say I need to do some sit ups. Which I guess is a subtle way of telling me to lose weight, which I plan to, so I'm not overly fussed about him saying that. Just NEED to get down to 55. I think 55 is better than 58.

SO THEN I got a call from a guy I've met a few times about wanting me to be involved in a community outreach programme that aims at giving a rural community all the necessary tools and know how to grow hemp crops, buying the hemp crops and turning it into biofuel. I am so fucking excited about this. They obviously need a lawyer. And that would be me. OMG SO STOKED! So ya, had a meeting with them now and it went really well. I am very optimistic about the programme.

Also I got accepted as a content writer for a volunteer project. I really enjoy volunteering, I feel that going into a very self centred profession like law, I need to give back while I can. :) So excited.

I am fasting today so far. Although I would give my right eye for some salmon right now. I have had three cups of coffee and a glass of white wine today. Hopefully I can keep it there. Although I may eat some veggies now. I am so worried that as soon as I eat I will gain. Anyway, not important. I have been wearing high heels all day today in an effort to prepare for the catwalk. I feel like it is a workout on it's own. ^_^


Thanks for all the comments, going to try read blogs now, but I am so tired so please forgive if I don't comment. Love and skinny thoughts to all!

Peace & Harmony
Xo Xo


Your.Guardian.Angel said...

That is absolutely amazing! You're amazing! :)

Keep it up, gurlie!

Judith Marie said...

EPIC DAY!!!! muchos congrats on your life!
I can't believe you were called short. You are more than 7 inches taller than me, that guy would've looked at me and burst into laughter.
Everything is going right for you isn't it! Awesome, so happy for you girl!

lulani said...

Wow!!! haute couture, oooooh:) How fancy! I'm so happy for you, things are coming along beautifully. You know, I read in some magazine many years ago that high heels are supposedly good for abs because you use your core to balance on them. Anyway, random ramblings..... Keep it up! Oh and yes, It did feel awesome to say no to that food, and the nice thing is since it's been a couple weeks, my stomach is starting to contract some, so I will be full with even less food.

Stay strong and muchos hugs,


Jalen said...

Congratulations! Since when is 5'10" short? Silly people!

the outside in to thin said...

Congrats hun, all sounds soo amazing! I envy you! I agree 5'10 short? gosh... keep up the good work.. xox

SkinnyNinny said...

Wow! you are amazing! And so very busy!

Sam Lupin said...

i've never been 63kg since i was...what? 9-10? i was at 82-83kg by 12, so...
high-fucking-heels. D<

-Sam Lupin

becca; said...

well done! :) keep up the good work, xo.

A.beautiful.mess said...

The fashion show stuff sounds so exciting, haha I always think of ANTM when I think of modelling.

I love volunteering too :)

GOOD luck!