Saturday, November 19, 2011

Food Weight

I'm pretty sure I'm still drunk off my ass. FUCK! What did I do last night!?? OMG. Well firstly,  I haven't eaten in two days. Successful fast *thumbs up* which makes this my longest fast ever...57ish hours. YAY! Gonna see how long I can keep this going. Although, I WANT FOOOOOD NOW! Weighed in at 61.2 this morning which is AMAZEBALLS! I wonder though like if that means I have lost, or just don't have any excess "food weight" Hopefully I shall be in the 60's by Sunday. Tomorrow. FUCK TOMORROW IS SUNDAY ALREADY! *cry*

Watched the cricket last night and just got SO drunk so quickly. Obviously fasting for two days and drinking on a VERY empty stomach was not the best idea, but it was nice to not have eaten. Whoop! Then today it is SO hot which is lovely. The downstairs area of my house is so nice and cool though. So it makes it rather nice. I fetched the boy from the airport about an hour ago and he bought me a Louis Vuitton bag! I was a bit shocked. Rather extravagent gift, I think. Also TOTALLY not my style but hey whatever. It's LV baby. Wow I sound seriously superficial. Anyway.

Fuck not much else to add, except OH JA thanks for all the amazing comments. Skinny listed my blog on AMAZED! :D :D I fucking love you guys.

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Signature said...

haha i was chuckling while i was reading this because you said Fuck so much and it reminds me of when i drink because apparently i say fuck after almost every word

but be careful with your fast!
congrats on the bag ^_^

Aye Ell said...

Congrats on your wins!
Keep in mind though, alcohol is SUPER dehydrating so don't be surprised if the number goes up again once you are properly hydrated. I've been there and it kinda sucks.

Stay well :)

bottomfeeder said...


Hehe <3