Thursday, November 17, 2011


Oh my fucking god! You will never believe this! Stoked happy dance - fuck it - HAPPY PENGUIN DANCE! SO my mother gave me a pair of jeans today. They look so small omg. Anyway I looked at the tag and it said 28 - which is a UK 4! OMG OMG OMG OMG! I can't believe it. OMG OMG OMG. I think it even may be a US 0. OMG. Okay, truth be told, they are a little bit tight. Like a little tight. I will be happier when they are baggy. I am never eating ever again. I fasted today. Gonna try fast till Saturday?

Thanks for all the lovely comments. I am very stoned right now. I will blog when in better condition.

Sid & Nancy
Xo Xo


bottomfeeder said...

Wow! Great! Congrats! :) Just make sure you don't get hurt, love... x

And idk about you, but for me, fasting is always what makes me triggered to binge like maaadd and then purge (and then want recovery), so make sure you don't fall into that trap! x :)

How old are you, by the way?

ednos Linny said...

CONGRATS!!! Most of the time I do not live by the number on the scale, I mean it does play a big part in how my days is going to go but there is nothing better than slipping into a pair of jeans that were tighter the week before!! good luck on your fast.

AA said...

Wow, you're a size 4?! That's so impressive!!! Just make sure you're staying healthy.
Much love xxx

Anonymous said...

Love this blog! Added you to's links page too.

Judith Marie said...

OMG!!!! SIZE 0!!!! Go you!!! I'm so happy for you! That's amazing!

Beth said...

OMG I'm so happy for you I'm happy dancing right now! That is frigging amazing. Love you are awesome :D <3

Dragonfly said...

Wow!!! Babe!!! Congrats! I'm so happy for you! Like actually so pleased, I look forward to the day I drop down to a small size like that. xxx

Miss Burton said...


Congratuwelldone! You really do motivate us. I'm happy for you, a UK size 4 is really really good!!

Don't you worry, soon enough they WILL BE BAGGY JEANS!

Post a picture of your legs in those jeans, pleaaase?
pretty pretty please?


lulani said...

you are an inspiration!! good job, and congrats!