Thursday, July 12, 2012


Well yesterday I ended up binging on oranges so my total was 620 for the day. Which obviously isn't that bad. I mean I've managed not to binge since Sunday. Today, I've had 450 cals and that's it for today. But the fucking ball sack bullshit fucken shit that is mother nature - I got my period this morning, so fucking shit that it is, I lost a tiny amount and am not 55. I'm a bit bleak about it but, hopefully if I manage to not binge until Sunday, which is my cheat day then I will get to 55. I don't really have anything to say really... Oh I have decided to go skiing with my family in January. God. It is going to be a nightmare. Dudes, I have nothing to say today. It's raining. Lol. Nope nada. Oh well I guess I could mention my lunch recipe. Which is all i've had to eat today and it was a lot of food. It was 50g of dried lentils, a clove of garlic, half a cup of frozen corn and two teaspoons of tomato paste... oh ja, and basil. It was more than enough food for a decent dinner and only about 350 cals. Twas good :) Okay enough trollop.

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


EnHL3 said...

It was a slow day you ever find yourself overeating or bingeing as you may put it when you pms?

Sparkle Spaz said...

Sorry about the binge... At least it was healthy food :-) Vitamin C! But mother nature has its perks, like after your period you'll be back to normal! Keep looking on the bright side of things xx

jackie said...

Mmmm lunch sounds delish! And boo on the period- I've got mine too :/

DiscoPanic said...

I feel like I always get my period at the worst possible times: during a fast, exams, travel ect
i keep a sack of oranges around all the time so if I do feel the urge to binge it will be something good for me
good luck!

WinterA said...

Sorry to hear about your binge. I am just glad it was on something healthy at least.

I know you are going to turn this around like you always do :-) You are a strong women. Tell Coco to come out and take the wheel sometimes at meals.

My other half could go hours without eating. It was nice. Now that I don't have access to her it's a lot harder.

I am trying to come up with another plan.

Tomorrow will be better for us :-)