Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Drama...

Of course, my ex being the assbag that he is has not only NOT finished my site by today which was the promise after he didn't finish my site for Monday, but he has also managed to lose my cat. Yes, my beautifullest babiest baby kitten has run away. I know that it isn't his fault, but no doubt it has something to do with the barrage of sluts that I am sure are frequenting the house that we used to live in, my kitten doesn't like new people. And as sad as that is, firstly, I am sure that he will come home and hopefully this will be a lesson to my ex about his nasty slut habits and secondly, I'm so hacked off about my site. Yes, okay I know he has been looking for the cat today, but come on. He won't even give me an answer about when it is going to be done. I look like such an unprofessional asshole, because I can't even launch my site the day i said I would. First it was Monday, then yesterday, then today and now tomorrow. If he can even get it done by tomorrow.  All I want to grab a big knife and plunge it into my arm. I hate this constant uncertainty because it is not in my control and he won't give me an answer. Cut cut cut. That's all I want. Maybe I'll just do a little light pattern work on my leg.

I have had about 300 calories today, which mostly was the ice cream that I had for lunch. I'm so stressed and tired that I don't even want to think about food. I think i may fast until my site is done. Clearly, the universe needs a little sacrifice to turn the karma in my direction. I will give, but I better be able to receive something. Although, i'll settle for having my kitten safely at home.

Give & Take
Xo Xo


Too Fat for Words said...

Well done on your calories for today! Same as me :)

Is there anyway of him sending you what he has done and then you getting someone else to finish the work?

The Lovely Bones said...

I really hope you find your cat. My family has five cats, and whenever any of them disappear for more than a day I freak out horribly. I really hope it finds its way back home.
Please don't cut, find something to do to distract yourself, don't let your ex affect you so much. You're so strong without him, you don't need to cut.
I hope the website gets sorted out, it's not your fault so nobody can blame you for it.
Oh and congratulations on such a low calorie day.

clytie said...

I really hope your kitten comes back :[

And Ican't believe he didn't get it done! That's so unprofessional of him!

the outside in to thin said...

What would coco do ?

jackie said...

sorry about the kitty and the website. the ex can go to hell.

Kitty said...

So sorry about the kitten :(

I do also wonder if you can get what he has done so far and have someone else finish it up..

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

I'm hoping your kitten comes back soon, it's horrible losing a kitten :( Fingers crossed for you xx