Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Morals & 40's

There are two things that i want to write about... the first is weight related and the other is just something I've been thinking about lately... The weight related one is first. It struck me this morning that being in the 40's... I.e. under 50kgs is actually a real possibility. I really don't want to go that low, because i think I will look sick... but like. I could. I could weigh 49kgs. Doesn't that sound like the most ethereal fairy weight you ever did hear? I feel like I would float on air if I weighed that little... I mean that's the weight of a child. Or a really short person. Wow... 40's... *drifts off into magical 40's daydream and illuminations*

The other thing is about morals and moral standards that humans have. As a student of law, I can say that we spend our time trying to decipher where morals come from and how people impose these standards on human beings. Let's face it. Law is just a written down extension of morals. Think of the ten commandments - are these things not in law in some form. Anyway, so the typical thing that people do when they look at Arab countries or especially Eastern moral standards is to be like; oh my god, they can't do that. Like dog fighting in China. I don't agree with it. Or Sharia law... I don't agree with. But what I do believe is that every culture, religion or society should be able to decide freely on the morals that they chose to impose on their own societies, without us westerners going - oh my god. Women should be allowed to vote, or dogs are pets not entertainment. I believe those things, but more than anything i respect the rights of people to determine their own morals. I know that it is really difficult for people to respect these things because we believe in equality and animal rights, but why can't people decide for themselves. If a substantial amount of the population of a country believes its okay to eat dogs, what right do we have to tell them differently? They aren't trying to make us eat dogs. Dyou know what i mean? The whole issue of Sharia law is something I think about all the time. Because... I'm not religious. I believe in the universal principle of give and take... karma if you will. Speaking of which - karma bit my ex in the ass - his company is getting sued and i'd be lying if I said i wasn't a little happy about it. ANYWAY. Sharia law and the idea of women being subservient in society is part of Sharia law, which is integrally linked to Islam i.e. religion. I think if you had to ask the women in those countries if they were willing to relinquish their religious beliefs i.e. their law, they'd say no. Basically. I guess what I'm saying, is who the hell are we to judge? And to impose our beliefs on other people? Sorry about the rant... My brain ticks over about these things all the time...

I am still having a fun time trying to figure out how to maintain. I am aiming for about 700 a day and tomorrow I am going to weigh. Wish me luck? Thanks for listening to my rants...

West & East
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Finally Perfection said...

Interesting comment you made about the morals of a country and I agree - we need to embrace cultural difference. Also, the 10 commandments, I believe, came about as a pre-cursor to the law. They were the law of the time...

I cannot even imagine weighing so low as being 40 something kilos... Right now I'll settle for being in double figures... ha! I lost 1lb today though, so I'm happy (might even try that catchy happy penguin dance LOL) xx

Kitty said...

I have probably mentioned it before - but I was born in Iran and i lived there until I was around 13.

Most of the things that we see here in the western countries showed as cultural matters or even moral are mostly dipped and wrapped in religion.

the religions in it self are not always bad (even though I disagree with a whole lot of things) but there are the people behind it that abuse it and sell it to people as culture or even morals.

We were Christian when we lived in Iran - and i was forced to sit in religion classes cause it was the norm of the school. I had to attend their friday prayers but sit in the back with the "dirty" girls - aka the one having their period. Our history classes never spoke of the old rich persian history, but it was mostly about religion, islam and their imams.

So yes I do think people have the right to make up their own minds and practice what they believe is right without anyone else telling them what to do.. BUT in alot of countries and places you are not allowed to have your own mind and voice.

If you asked the same question from most women in the country where I was born in they would say yes because they would rather be free and be looked at as a person then just a subject bowed down to obey what they are told.

I guess I am a little sensitive about this matter cause my dad was killed before I was born cause of his believes and my mother and my sisters had to move out of the country cause of ours since anyone has the right to kill you if you convert from being muslim to another religion in Iran without them being blamed for it.

Anywho :)

I hope you find the best way to maintain. Gl with everything :)

Anonymous said...

Of course that weight is possible. And you are wise not to want to look deathly <3 Don't kill your body.
Hmmm... I like that rant. it got me thinking. I can see what you mean. We eat cows (or, at least, this country does) and yet in other countries the cow or calf is a sacred thing. Yet they aren't coming over here and telling us not to eat it. Lol...
Anyway, I hope things are going well for you <3

WinterA said...

I think it is great you are trying to not look sick. That is a good thing. But knowing you can weigh less if you wanted to. The thought alone would have made me happy.

You have a great view for seeing things the way they are and I love that about you. I feel sorry for the women who live in countries like that. I wish everyone in every part of the world could be treated as equals.

I can not remember which country it is that would cut off the women's clitoris so only the man can have pleasure. Total bs if you ask me. If I have to at least kiss your ass and sleep with you the least I can do is enjoy it, jesus.

Sam said...

I agree thatwe shouldn't impose your own ideas on others but at the same timeouts because they have a law doesn't mean the majority agree within. For example in Peru they don't have very good indigenous protection laws. This means that indigenous ppl are the one being taken advantage of, in poverty, and victims of violence. The lack of protection is not because they don't want it or dont fight to be heard but because the ppl in charge don't give a fuck to listen. So I think what we, the world, should do is try and find out what the majority of people actually want and help them fight for their cause. Not fight for them but nearly help.
Anyway that's just my opinion.

Ahava אהבה said...

I though the bit about your ex was absolutely hilarious! I've been upset lately for gaining weight, as i'm now about 49 kgs. But for a taller person, that must be a very skinny size. You made a really interesting point about morals and laws as well. I would hate it if someone came to my country and tried to impose Sharia law here. It's just not part of our modern western culture to accept some of those beliefs (unless you're muslim, of course). It would offend a lot of people to be pushing one religion! It makes me wonder how people in muslim countries feel about us barging in and trying to change their traditional values. very interesting ideas :)

Emily Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people have problems with others who don't see eye to eye with them, within countries and outside. It's great that you're willing to respect others' ideals and not try to impose one point of view.
I'm like this as well, and someone recently told me their view on the matter: "It's great to be open-minded, but there comes a point where wrong is wrong. Would you allow rampant homicide in a country if it was a norm? Wouldn't you feel that the unnecessary deaths were morally wrong and needed to be stopped? By relaxing our standards of judgement, we could be allowing hurt to happen that, if someone with a strict sense of morals were in charge, would not allow."
I'm not sure how far I would take that opinion, but it's an interesting side of the story.