Thursday, July 26, 2012


Dudes, I know this is going to sound fucking fucked. But this house I am staying in is fucking haunted!! And I'm not fucking kidding. Next to the stove in the kitchen are these three or four glass jars of dried pasta with a cork lid thing... you know the kind. Anyway, now two of them were half filled with pasta. This morning when I went downstairs, the one jar was empty and the lid was off sitting next to the jar. Firstly, I definitely did not eat the pasta, and even if I did I would have put the lid back on. I'm like that, so no one would notice that I ate it. But I definitely did not eat it. It can't have been an animal, because the jars are glass so if they wanted the pasta, they would have knocked the jar open. I doubt it was a burglar, because all the doors were locked and my wallet and camera were on the table. So what. the. fuck. I don't want to sound like a superstitious hippie, but seriously. And as I am writing this, i heard something downstairs. OMF! Anyway, if it is haunted, I just need to make friends with the ghost. I'm a friendly person, I'm totally into helping people or things, I just hope it's not slimey and scary. I'm sure it's not. A family lives here. So it must be friendly.

In other news, I'm a fat whale. And I have recently discovered that I can't sleep on my left side because i can feel my heart beating against my ribs and it weirds me out. Oh and the face scrub thing is literally two teaspoons of bicarb with a little water to make a paste and scrub scrub scrub. I put coconut oil in my hair last night as a hair mask... and my hair is super greasy today even though I've washed it twice. FML. Anyway, and I shaved my legs. So i'm winning slowly. I've decided that when I get my hair highlighted again in a week, I'm going to have a pink streak put in... maybe. Not a streak even, because that is so 90's but a little streaky at the end of my hair... just a small one... Is it just me or is wacky colours in the hair becoming a new mainstream thing... Aeon Flux here we come.

Ghosts & Gouls
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ednos Linny said...

That is just crazy!!! I have lived in a few haunted house it might get better or not hard to say. Keep us posted on your new room mate maybe do some back ground look into the house.

jackie said...

is there like a cat or something? that's just too weird.

I like the pink idea. I had a pink extension behind my ear that only showed when I flipped my hair to the one side. It looked cool and not at all cliche. too bad it fell out after a month or so...

best of luck with the beauty regime!


enHl3 said...

Oh my fuck!run.u still can hey just sprint out of there....

Tatyana said...

Oh, ghosts! It't country side, beautiful house and there's ghosts...! I'd so love that place, so enjoy that for me and keep us posted on the spirit world activities. *smiling crazy*

b. said...

Hahahahah I'm like cracking up at the way you describe that. Obviously the ghosts like pasta, leave them some macaroni or something!! That would be super friendly of you. ;-)

I'm pretty sure this hostel room I am staying in is haunted. I walked in for the first time, and I shit you not- someone drew a big ass Death on the wall in pencil. It's so detailed with the scythe and it's holding this ball with the symbol for Anarchy or the Devil or some crap on it. I was like............are you kidding me, I have to sleep here? So I got a poster and covered it up, but I'm totes creeped out.

Gabrielle said...

You make me laugh, a lot :P

I love the idea of ghosts! Don't believe in it for shit, but I would definitely make friends with the house ghost if there was one.

I'm sure you're not a fat whale. And I actually have a 90s streak in my hair myself :) It's blonde but it has been blue at one point, it's kind of weird but I've grown to love it


Emily Anonymous said...

Haha, that's kind of funny. Did you end up making friends with the ghost?
My boyfriend came downstairs today claiming that a ghost keeps drinking his sprites in the night. I guess he doesn't realize that he downs at least 4-5 a day.

WinterA said...

Yeah sounds like a ghost for sure. At least they are nice. They don't bother you, they just wanted to it. I am sure they can see you are the sweetest person ever.

I think the pink streak would be cool. I could care less about what year hair styles come from( expect the 80's hated most of the hair styles during that era ) I usually just wear what I am feeling at the moment. Shoot I have a coworker right now who has purple highlights and it looks awesome with awesome skinniness.

I hope you are doing well. I have been meaning to ask is your site up and running? How is the business going so far?

Have a good weekend.

Finally Perfection said...

A pasta-eating ghost. Ah, Britain, how I love thee :) Did you manage to make friends? Have there been any other weird occurrences?
Well done on the beauty regime :) I am crap at that - I was good though and bought some razors with a view to potentially shaving my legs :S ha! I really don't do it half as regularly enough. Must. Be. Better.
Hope you're well! Sorry I'm late catching up.